I don’t do too many product reviews. The reason for this is because I never really considered myself the type of person who would willingly place a product either in or on my body, with the hopes that it does exactly what the producer intended. I’m scared, LOL. That’s the truth. I mean what if my hair falls out, I get sick, or even worse (because of vanity) I get a rash or turn into a monster. Product reviews make me nervous. However, with a little faith I stepped out and agreed to help a young 17 year old entrepreneur who wanted to grow her brand and her business. Glory to God, I had nothing to fear. I’m still intact, healthy as ever, and I found an awesome product in the process.

Joi Zakiyyah is a young woman, ripe in her strong beliefs in God and her ability to do great things because of her faith. Upon meeting her I immediately knew that she had a good soul, the aura that exudes from someone who you know God is definitely working in the life of. I wanted to help her. She offered me two complimentary jars of her product. The first one was the initial version of her product and the second was an updated (pudding) of the ingredients that she put together. She warned me ahead of time that the new growth I would experience in my blonde (very blonde natural hair) would cause me to have to color it more often or just allow my roots to show.

Natural Goddess by 17 year Old Joi Zakiyyiah Proves to Work Phenomenally

I’ve heard claims that certain products make your hair grow, but as any skeptic would, I disregarded it as just promotional hype. Boy, was I wrong. This girl made a product that had my fresh roots showing every time I turned around. Please excuse my shock, and chalk it up as me being surprisingly pleased. I loved the idea of growth, because I am trying to grow my hair out. However, because I’m a black woman with natural hair that is bleached blonde… it is getting quite expensive to keep coloring it. I hate my roots showing, but with Natural Goddess, that is just the way it is. This product definitely creates growth in your hair. And who wouldn’t love healthy hair growth?

This is the photo comparing how much my roots showed after only two and half straight weeks of using the product. If the results aren’t astounding you need to take that jacked up computer to the geek squad or something. I mean… wow!

Natural Goddess by 17 year Old Joi Zakiyyiah Proves to Work Phenomenally

In addition to growth, I noticed a new shine to my hair. Because I color it often, I often worry about it being dry and brittle. This is not an issue with Natural Goddess natural hair products. I enjoyed the texture and the sheen that this product gave me.

Overall, I’m excited to share how awesome Joi’s product is and how great it works for me. Although I have to go a little while longer with my roots showing, because it’s growing so fast, I absolutely love it.

Natural Goddess by 17 year Old Joi Zakiyyiah Proves to Work Phenomenally natural hair product review
The day Joi gifted me with her product. Pictured here: Joi, Stacie (her Mom), Chinhayi, and myself

Joi’s is doing what many of us are trying to do, which is what she loves (hair and beauty) and profit from it. At such a young age, I couldn’t help but be impressed with her energy and her desire to transform lives through her work. Just concocting something healthy in her kitchen, by doing research and determining what’s best for people like her, the natural hair community can benefit if they indulge in Natural Goddess. While many young teens are spending time doing those social media challenges, she is creating a natural hair business in her home, determined to make a way for her and her family. I wholeheartedly support her, because the product is great and so is her attitude.

Please check her out and support her

Email her at naturalgoddess007@gmail.com

Call or text her as well for more information or to place your custom order at (804) 908-3363

Her tagline is “nurture your natural” but I like to think of her nurturing her God given gifts, and I’m more than willing to help her cultivate that.

Check out this video review of Natural Goddess Natural Hair Product by Joi Zakiyyiah

*I received this item for free from Joi Zakiyyiah, I was not compensated for providing this review. if the product wasn’t satisfactory, I would have never posted about it.*


Tell me what you think about Natural Goddess & How are the products you currently use?



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