I’ve committed myself to some very important things lately (i.e, Camp Diva, Flawesome, etc.), so music reviews have been at the bottom of my list of priorities. Partly because I’ve been busy, and partly because the only independent artist sending in their music lately have all had songs that defy my feminist and responsible ideals. I’m not about to bump any songs on my site that call women bitches, ask women to twerk something, and suggest that our main goals in life should be weed, liquor, and sex. I’m sorry, but despite what I’ve allowed through the threshold of my precious “GaptoothDiva” gate, I’ve realized that my platform is my voice and dammit… I’m using it. The music I post has to have an underlying message, something that moves people both physically and mentally. I love to dance, and I love a good drink, but I also love substance (and I’m not talking illegal ones here). The music I want to review and publish on this site, will be music that I would want to hear. If that’s not good enough for some people, there are plenty of blogs that will post any and everything that is sent to them. Please take some time to check those out… bye.

For those of you that are still with us… I love you.

Anyway, So last week the notoriously funky and beautifully talented creator Janelle Monáe released a video for Electric Lady, another incredible track that not only makes me want to get up and dance, but also gives me an audible boost of confidence. I enjoyed the video very much; I think I played it a total of 52 times a day for the past week. In addition to the lyrics that positively impact young ladies, by describing a woman as a queen, who attracts attention with her electric energy (positive), I love the style.

Janelle and her crew all rock a mixture of sporty, preppy, classic Greek collegiate styles infused with some afrocentric/neosoul influences. I loved her hair in this video and I especially enjoyed her dancing. When they really dance (and not just twerk) that makes it a better video for me, just saying. Shout out to that cameo of T.I as well, that was dope.

Please support this artist, it’s an incredible video and she is so talented. I wish they played her music more on terrestrial radio, so that more people would be forced to listen to her versus that other music sometimes. Uh-oh there I go again, let me just walk away.


Check out The Bridge… (I love when she spits)

Gloss on her lips
Glass on the ceiling
All the girls showing love
While the boys be catching feelings
Once you see her face, her eyes, you’ll remember
And she’ll have you falling harder than a Sunday in September
Whether in Savannah, K-Kansas or in Atlanta
She’ll walk in any room, have you raising up your antennas
She can fly you straight to the moon or to the ghettos
Wearing tennis shoes or in flats or in stilettos
Illuminating all that she touches, eye on the sparrow
A modern day Joan of her Arc or Mia Farrow
Classy, sassy, put you in a razzle-dazzy
Her magnetic energy will have you coming home like Lassie
Singing, “Ooh, shock it, break it, baby”
Electro-, sophisti-, funky, lady
We the kind of girls who ain’t afraid to get down
Electric ladies go on and scream out loud

Janelle Monáe – Electric Lady [Watch Official Video]

Janelle Monáe – Electric Lady [Official Video]

“The Electric Lady” on iTunes http://smarturl.it/theelectriclady
Deluxe Double Disc Only at Target http://smarturl.it/targetelectriclady

Official “The Electric Lady” merchandise available here:http://atlr.ec/1dsiiE9

Check out Janelle Monáe on Spotify here:


Music Review: Why I’m In Love w/ Janelle Monáe’s Electric Lady Song, Video, and Look

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