Let me start off by saying that you should definitely get to know Richmond Designer Christian Crawford of Runway Couture. This woman, with her beautiful spirit and positive attitude has dressed and adorned many of Richmond Virginia’s stylish and talented with her custom made designs. I, myself enjoyed the custom chevron romper she created for me for the Camp Diva’s Girls Are Talking Conference. She works diligently, and all of her hard work was exemplified during this Sunday’s surprise soft opening. I say surprise, because I had no idea that she was even working towards having her own boutique store. I knew that she always worked on her custom pieces from her home, often making appointments there as well. However, to see her push herself to get her own brick and mortar location, in an up and coming Church Hill neighborhood, it’s truly astounding.

I'esha GaptoothDiva reviews Runway Couture's Boutique Soft OpeningRunway Couture, located at 801 North 21st street in Richmond, is a quaint and charming boutique on the corner. Christian decorated it herself, detailed reflections of what women love in every corner and on every wall. Diana Ross stands picturesque over a rack of stylish pieces, colorful t-shirts and accessories abound. The Runway Couture Boutique soft opening was incredible. The DJ played awesome music, while Christian provided her attendees with food and refreshments. Party goers were able to shop the racks and take pictures with the lovely lady herself, all in support of a huge milestone in her life and career.

I'esha GaptoothDiva reviews Runway Couture's Boutique Soft OpeningSeeing how proud she was of her accomplishment, had me thinking seriously about how often many of us take for granted the steps we take when it comes to our goals. Christian wasn’t located in some posh shopping center, where most of us can’t even afford to shop. She wasn’t flexing on her colleagues and friends by living above her means. The shop was anything but ordinary, but with a little sweat equity anyone could have put together something this elaborate. The gorgeous motif of the location, represented its owner, genuine, realistic, and stylish. The pride that she showed in her work is something you rarely see nowadays, with so many entrepreneurs ready and willing to show off at the expense of themselves, instead of showing out quality and passion. She made no apologies for anything, because there wasn’t anything to apologize for. The people who were there, were real friends and supporters. People who loved Christian came out to show her how much, dressed up or down, they supported her efforts. She was among a community of friends, who weren’t looking for her to wow them any more than she already does. In her eyes, I could see happiness. She exuded an attitude of “Yes, I did this!” instead of “Do you like it?” That’s an attitude I think all of us should adopt.

I'esha GaptoothDiva reviews Runway Couture's Boutique Soft OpeningWhen you’re passionate about something, it shouldn’t matter if other people approve. You should always love what you do and do the very best that you can. In an era where even entrepreneurs are always trying to keep up with the “joneses”, it’s refreshing to see one woman who did her very best, and that was enough. Her boutique is an example of doing what works for you, so that you can walk one step closer to your goal. Christian needed a spot to sew and design without impeding on her personal space, a place she called home. In turn, she found a second home, Runway Couture’s new Boutique store, bringing fashion and style to the masses and firmly placing a strong line between personal and professional.

I’m proud of her and I was really inspired by what she was able to do. She didn’t boast or brag about what she was planning to do, nor did she give off any indication of doubt in what I know she believed to be her purpose and path. We could learn a lot by her ability to just work towards it, never looking left or right. She went for it, and it turned out more amazing than any of us could ever imagine. When you get a chance, stop by her boutique and give her a huge hug, I know she’ll appreciate it. Show you support and love to Runway Couture and check out the racks of awesome and creative designs from not only Runway Couture, but many other designers and stylist in the DMV that she aims to support through using her store to showcase others like her. It’s incredible, and I believe you’ll agree. Just stop on by and tell her GaptoothDiva sent you.

Contact Runway Couture – Strut Couture for Sure at info@shoprunwaycouture.com

Follow her on Instagram – @Shoprunwaycouture

Follow her Twitter – @Myrunwaycouture


Other designers featured at her new boutique are:

Albert Miller Collection – Custom Bow Tie & Vintage Tie Collection

Follow at Facebook.com/albertmillercollection

New Vintage by Sam

Follow on Instagram @newvintagebysam or check out newvintagebysam.bigcartel.com



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