I have been a fan of Aaliyah and her music since I was a little girl. Her style was what captivated me. It was definitely that edginess and subtle glamour that made her very much different than many female R&B artist out at the time. When I initially heard about the movie coming out about her life, I was like “About time!” Since her passing, fans have been craving a movie detailing her story and her accomplishments in her young life. She has been an inspiration for so many young people, that it’s only right to celebrate her work and her life by sharing her story with the world.

However, when people decide to make a movie about someone’s life there is a certain level of “attention to detail” that needs to be somewhere in the mix. I like Lifetime, I enjoy taking a few Sunday afternoons to catch up on my made for television movies that share the struggles of real women. Watching this Aaliyah movie, I’m just sitting here shaking my head. What is this, Lifetime?

Why are all the characters in this movie talking like that? Explain why no one looks like the person they are portraying? I am a plus size female, who finds it extremely disrespectful that Missy Elliot (who was plus size at the time) played by someone who is not plus size or full figured. I find it irritating that R. Kelly’s character sounds foolish and looks nothing like him. Also, is Drake Aaliyah’s brother? I didn’t think so either.

Timberland wasn’t too happy either…

Goes to show… sometimes you need some insight when you want to talk about somebody else’s life, but whatever though. How can Lifetime of all networks make it seem as if a young teenage girl and her 27 year old producer are being torn apart romantically, like this is Westside story or something? Also, since when was Aaliyah insecure about her craft and talents? Do you really want to perpetuate the idea that she was insecure about herself because she felt like Robert “made” her? Lifetime, really? Is that the impression we want to put out there about our girl who was that much of a superstar? Can someone else testify to Aaliyah being that down in the dumps about her music, after R. Kelly moved on and re-married because she was too young to have been fooling with him? Also, can someone tell me why Missy and Tim only got a very short (fart like) part in the movie, when they’ve done so much together. Uugghhh. I am so disappointed.

I need someone to fix this. Tell us about our beautiful princess of R&B and her struggles and triumphs in a better way. I know that some very talented people came together to put this out, but “Nooooooooo!” This was boring. Everything in the movie, wasn’t anything we didn’t already see or know. They didn’t explain anything worth talking about. It was obvious that an inside person in Aaliyah’s life wasn’t involved in the script writing, the plot, or the production, because it appears that the people who created this… know nothing about anything about her. Sigh.

Rolling Stone broke it down precisely… check out their review of this movie here:

10 Craziest Things We Learned From the Aaliyah Lifetime Movie

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/features/10-craziest-things-we-learned-from-the-aaliyah-lifetime-movie-20141117#ixzz3JQuKk43b
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Lifetime, you broke my heart. Please rectify this issue… Thanks!

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