This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting an incredible fashion event presented by Runway Couture owner Christian Crawford and Le’laMone’ owner Lakisha Greene. The event held at Broad Streets Mix Gallery in Richmond, Virginia was like no other fashion event this fall. Chock full of some sophisticated and trendy pieces created by some brilliant designers, this event was one for the books when it comes to highlighting DMV style and creativity.

Fashion Night Out RVA Highlights Incredibly Talented Emerging Designers This Fall

During the event, I got the chance to see what I hope were inspiring aspects for everyone who attended. I appreciate a good muse like anyone else, so to be a part of such a phenomenon of a gathering, was both motivating and visually entertaining to say the least. Below I list, my favorite highlights…

  • Fierce Models – I rarely saw anyone come down the runway that didn’t bring it 100%. That’s a great way to keep people interested, models that know how to deliver a garment down the runway like a model should!
  • Great Music – B-Sounds had to be on the air at 10pm, but still knew how to throw in some good music. He even inspired an attendee to get up and show the crowd what he was working with at 70 years old.
  • Designs that We Love – All of the outfits that came down the runway were styles that were realistic but glamorous. The designs weren’t too far fetch, and they all looked attainable, but the level of luxury and detail added to its presentation was so commendable. Loved all the looks!
  • Cute Little Girls Modeling & Dancing – Shout to Anoshi Entertainment for their incredible team of girls who deliver down the runway like they’ve been doing it since conception. I was especially inspired by their level of confidence at such a young age. Incredibly cute for sure!

Check out my Instagram Post sharing all the looks in 15 seconds…

Fashion Night Out RVA Highlights Incredibly Talented Emerging Designers This Fall

Support each and every designer by following them online or checking out their website. Contact any of them for custom designs, looks, and/or styling for your future fashion needs.

Semaj Clothing (PA) by Bernard Johnson*


Designer of men and women ready to wear.

Dajon J Designs (DMV) by Dajon Johnson*


Designer of couture gowns and formal wear.

Le’laMone’ (RVA) by Lakisha Greene*


Designer of women ready to wear and custom designs.

Sevyn by Nicole Edison (stylist RVA)*

Fashion/Personal stylist and consignment studio owner.


 Runway Couture (RVA) by Chrissy Crawford*

Designer of custom men and women ready to wear


801 N. 21st St

Albert Miller Collection (RVA) by Marcell Miller*

Designer of men accessories (bowties, lapel pins, pocket squares)

Anoshi Kids Dance Program by Anoshi Ent

Kids dance program striving to provide positive programs for children who want to pursue dreams in dance and modeling. They will have their first debut with Fashion Night Out RVA to promote their journey on becoming a non profit organization !


Francoise Hamilton: @francoisesings

 Goldin Harrison*: @goldinlive

Music: *Dj B- Sounds*: @B_Sounds1906

Host: *Iesha Hornes*: @Gaptoothdiva

Check Out this Full Video Recap of the Fashion Night Out RVA Runway Experience below…


  1. Young Lady I have read your story, all of the things that you gave been through has created the awesome view that you have today. Im glad God has strengthened you to make lemonade from lemons. You have been there for my daughter Chrissy and pointed out things that I missed. Keep God first Live Live Laugh and joke but don’t play. Momma


    1. I sincerely appreciate you for saying such kind things. Believe me, I totally understand where you are coming from. Thank you and continue to be supportive and loving mom that I know that you are. May God bless you and Chrissy! I mean that.


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