I totally appreciate everyone that came out to this past weekend’s Flawesome Academy Workshop at Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. This event is dedicated to motivating and inspiring the community through artist, speakers, and entrepreneurs in the local area. It is our social responsibility to sow seeds into our community, educating and empowering others to not only love themselves, but to overcome some of the same obstacles and pitfalls that we may have experienced. It is through our challenges and trials that we can even be qualified to be mentors, motivators, and inspirational role models to others.

One of the great things about this event, is the fact that we employ other motivational speakers to share their own experiences, theories, and helpful insights on how to overcome even the most difficult of life’s challenges. Through their testimony and their truth, they aim to connect with the community. That sense of “sowing into others” is what keeps individuals from feeling isolated and alone is a world filled with many distractions and temptation.

Flawesome is about loving yourself now, not when you’ve achieved a goal, hit a milestone, or impressed others. Flawesome is about doing what you love and living in your purpose today, no matter what challenges you may think you have.

Thanks to all the speakers and vendors involved and those who made the event a success. I appreciate everyone taking time out of their Sunday afternoon to rock with our team and be a blessing.

We are excited to continue to bring Flawesome to our community and collaborate with other businesses and entrepreneurs who are on the same mission to make a difference.

Below are some highlights from the event & the speakers involved. Check out everyone who participated in this event and support their endeavors. See more photos on our Fan page at http://www.Facebook.com/GaptoothDivaOnline

Each video includes information on the speaker and how to get in touch with them.

Videos shot by ShawnBlaze Visions.

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For more information on Flawesome, check out my official website http://www.GaptoothDiva.com

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