Soulful as always Garnett Boldin breaks us off with another beautiful piece from his emotional and talented thought bank.

“If you would have me, I would be the happiest in the world, but sadly you’re my friend and you’re not my girl…”


GaptoothDiva Music Review – Garnett Bolden “When You’re In Love”

Friend Zone is one man’s confession to his female friend. He desires to move things forward, thus getting him out of that dreaded friend zone that most men hate. He promises time, affection, and of course that special treatment that the ladies adore. He asked the question, “How do we move from this place?”, explaining that he feels like he is missing out by just being a friends with this woman. Look, whoever you are… stop playing games and let Garnett in!

“I got a question… are you ready for the love of your life?”

With the internet on a tilt since D’angelo dropped a surprise, I’m still unmoved. Although, I’m a huge fan of D’Angelo, I feel like he never left. His soul and the soul of many other iconic artist all reside in the body of Garnett Boldin. This local artist is impressive in many ways. From vocal styling to the way he dresses, Garnett holds an interesting dynamism about him that should be applauded.

This song is another example of how Garnett deserves to move up in his career. It’s a harmonious track that speaks to the heart. I probably will always encourage my friends to get those good dudes out the friend zone. You can hear in his voice how passionately he wants the woman and how hard it is for a good guy to stay in the friend zone. The struggle is definitely real. However, in this song, the struggle is non-existent, as it’s a great jam to play anytime of the day.

Excited to see what else comes from Garnett Boldin down the pipeline. He is such a talented artist for sure.

Garnett Boldin “When You’re In Love” [LISTEN HERE]


Connect with Garnett Boldin online on Facebook here.

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