I had the pleasure of featuring my line of vintage and thrifted apparel and accessories in a local Richmond, Virginia fashion show that included models ranging in sizes for 2 to 24. It was an awesome experience, as I love styling in sustainable thrifted and vintage fashions that don’t hurt the budget. It’s something about seeing someone add a piece from my store into their wardrobe that didn’t cost them more than a value meal at a fast food restaurant.

I haven’t shared enough of what I do with DashA’veri vintage and thrift because I’ve been so busy promoting the book and the Flawesome movement, but that will change. I’m extremely passionate about thrifting and styling with low cost clothing that are colorful, printed, and unique. I have a wide variety of pieces that can fit anyone’s lifestyle. I pride myself on the fact that 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted and vintage. It’s nothing like knowing that when you arrive at the event, party, meeting, or workplace, there won’t be anyone else wearing what you’re wearing or how you’re wearing it.

In this video, you will see a diverse group of women who have all made DashA’veri Vintage and Thrift their own. They rock these pieces with confidence and no matter what size they are, they own it.

Many of these pieces are available for purchase and I will be posting them to our store website very soon. Stay on the lookout for more items from the DashA’veri Vintage & Thrifted Collection at http://www.dashaveri.storenvy.com.

If you don’t see something on the website, you can always email me or complete the inquiry form below the video about any piece that interest you. I will be posting pieces to my Instagram as well at GaptoothDiva, so be sure to follow me on IG. Also subscribe to my channel, GaptoothDivaTV, where I will also be sharing tips, hauls, and tutorials.



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Everything in DashA’veri Vintage & Thrift is under $20

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