I had the pleasure of speaking with 24-year-old gospel recording rap artist, writer, producer, social thought leader, and visionary Kook Kang from Fort Lauderdale Florida. His music is inspired through a message and purpose that God has anointed him with. He incorporates his Christian beliefs within his work and hold firm to his belief that God put him in this position to be a service to Him and his word.

Kook Kang does not glorify himself like many artist do. He explains that his name is somewhat a nickname that describes who we all are. Kook Kang believes that we were not meant to fit in. He goes on to explain and break down his name. The Kook part means “Kooky” which means strange or eccentric. The last part Kang is derivative of our common word King. Kook Kang states that his name means “Unusual King of Kings”, a way of acknowledging that he is unlike anyone else.

Keeping His Faith: Interview with Gospel Artist Kook Kang with GaptoothDiva.comWhen asked about facing obstacles and challenges in his life and career, he states “I still face adversity and it’s a non-ending cycle. I believe that my ways or any person ways does not compare to God ways. I rely on the Most High understanding. While everyone sees the worst in me, God always sees the best.”

Kook Kang speaks from his heart in our interview explaining his views on life and spirituality. He recalls, “When I look in the mirror, if I see something that I know is not me, it kills my soul. I feel like I’m settling especially when I’m looking for the world to accept me. I look in the mirror and I say I am more than a conqueror. Seeing that I was a child of God changed everything about how I view life and how I use my music.”

Because the examples he had in life (i.e. family members) weren’t in line with his beliefs, but he believes that God used everyone that He could to show him something that he needed to see. Kook says that he knows that God placed the right people in his life so that he could know God for himself.

He attributes an aunt for being responsible for his beliefs and bringing him to church. If it wasn’t for his aunt, he claims he would have never known the goodness of Christ. It was because of his struggles that he became who he is.

“On any journey, there is no easy road. Even those who love you most won’t understand the journey you are on. You have to be what God chose you to be, not what the world wants you to be.”

When asked about doing what he loves and what drives his passion, Kook Kang waste no time explaining how he feels about his destiny. “Trying to please everybody, you’ll end up pleasing nobody!”

Joining the military was his way of going out to explore and teach him discipline. Despite that, he still felt God was showing him that he still needed God in every aspect of his life. The military to Kook Kang was also a way to escape from the verbal and physical abuse he suffered from his mother’s boyfriend.

He thanks God for his woman and life-partner and his two children (a girl and a boy), despite wanting to run from God because of the constant judgment from people for having children out of wedlock. He stayed focused and turned to God even more.

Kook Kang overcame being distracted by leaning on the word of God. He stated that the truth fills him up daily.

“Seven days without prayer and I’m weak.”, He confesses. “The bible alone helps me to transform my mind and renews my mind every day. It assist me in withstanding the enemy’s tactics.”

He maintains that faith is what helped hi survive in life and what feeds him daily. His passionate tone when speaking on his face is enough to insight goose bumps in even the most stubborn non-believer. “If I believe with faith, I can achieve anything”

Kook Kang knows for a fact that it’s fear that stops many people. He educates us in the importance of the word throughout our discussion with statements such as: “God did not give us the spirit of fear. If that spirit of fear comes over you, understand that spirit is not of God. That is the enemy trying to keep us in our comfort zone. There will be storms, but at the end of the road we will be happier if we try ad never living in regret.”

“I have a God that chose me, even when I didn’t choose Him. Remember when we are going through the wilderness or the valley, we wouldn’t be able to lead others, if we didn’t first go through it ourselves. That’s how God set that up so that we can play our role as a leader.”

When I asked about those people who may have dwindling faith, or are constantly reminded about the life that they used to have or the negative things that they themselves have done, what advice could he provide. Kook Kang said…

“We have the power to say yes or no, just like Joseph who ran when the king’s wife tried to come on to him. You don’t have to allow any negative seeds to plant in your mind. You can rebuke that. You can seek knowledge and understanding from a higher power. The enemy plan diminishes when you lean on God’s word and not your own understanding. Even when we feel loss, we can lean on him and he will show us the way.”

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Salvation: “The Lord used me as a tool to write this song. It was like angels guiding my vocals. There was a point in my life where I felt like I didn’t deserve God’s love, I believed in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead to die for me. Without that love, I can’t do anything.”

Lord I Love You: “This song in particular is about being thankful for the love of God. People in this world are not perfect, it’s painful to forgive and forget. However, God loves you unconditionally.”

When people are struggling with issues of forgiveness and being reminded about their past. Kook Kang suggests that you shut out any negative spirit. Don’t give that any room in your mind or life. No man has seen or heard what God is going to prepare for us. It’s not in the hands of people what your fate will be. Let go and let God do his thing. Let it go and live in what God says about you.

Connect with Kook Kang on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/therealkookkang

Also connect with him on his official website www.kookkang.com or tweet him at www.twitter.com/kookkangmusic

Check out and support his music at www.soundcloud.com/kookkangmusic

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