“I have nothing to wear! As a lifelong lover of fashion, this is something I never thought I would say. Modeling and designing taught me plenty of tricks: buy favorite pieces in multiple colors, a defined waistline gives any look an instant boost, do not underestimate the power of a skilled tailor (or a great leather jacket). “

Checking out the new KLS collection for Fall 2015, you’ll definitely have something to aspire to. With structured pieces, beautiful silhouettes, bold and striking design, what woman wouldn’t want to wear these garments? It’s luxury that hangs in your closet, but looks comfortable enough to hang on your body any day of the week. I love the black and white options, but the prints and colors are also beautiful and captivating as well.

Kimora says that she created these pieces for herself, and for other women who sought to look polished and pulled together, not just for an “event” but for an entire day. Most days for women like us, entrepreneurs, mothers, women about town and about our business those days can often be unpredictable. With social media being a part of our everyday and pictures almost being a prerequisite of being active on social media, you must always look marvelous and camera ready. With this beautiful collection of bold but streamlined ready to wear and accessories, women like us won’t have any problems showcasing her life and lifestyle in style.

Kimora Lee Simmons THE DEBUT: Pre-Fall 2015 Preview

“Here you’ll find the exact pieces I sought, from sleek dresses to wear to brunch and keep on for cocktails to the black-but-not-boring jacket that I throw on to pick up the kids and also wear out at night, along with many more.”

If you go to the website (http://www.kls.com/) to check out the collection, you’ll find plenty of structured yet comfortable silhouettes, KLS combines exquisite materials with luxe details. You find details such as flattering panel construction and colorblocking, leather accents, and fearless prints. These are the pieces that Kimora Lee reaches for to feel instantly, confidently dressed for whatever the day may bring.

Describing the collection poetically, the blog states “Feminine yet bold. Streamlined yet detailed. Tailored yet fluid.”

Kimora Lee Simmons THE DEBUT: Pre-Fall 2015 Preview

Kimora Lee recently decided to meet with editors in a series of morning working sessions that would demonstrate the many ways to wear the Pre-Fall 2015 line, with the work made easier by elegant breakfast treats and a sophisticated soundtrack. Working with set designer Randall Peacock (http://randallpeacock.com/), KLS converted The IronWorks into a sleek backdrop for the collection, from the arrangement of white calla lilies at the entrance to the mix of live models and rows of mannequins elegantly suspended from the sky-lit ceiling. Which looked so utterly cool and sophisticated, definitely a great look for the collection.

To assemble the looks, Kimora Lee also turned to legendary stylist Karl Templer (https://www.myfdb.com/people/283-karl-templer). Stating that she knew he would not only approach the line with a fresh eye but also create combinations that revealed the depth of the collection. KLS decided upon a line-up of 18 looks that shared the polished yet effortless quality that is a KLS signature. At the end of a cold and gloomy week in New York, editors stepped into the immersive environment and were enchanted by the clean lines and confident silhouettes, accented by splashes of color and rich prints.

Kimora Lee Simmons THE DEBUT: Pre-Fall 2015 Preview

When I asked a few of my readers about their thoughts on the collection, I received some more insight. Here were the responses that I received. Let’s all be mindful that everyone is entitled to their opinion. You all are a diverse group of people that all appreciate the overall message of my site and my words, but take into consideration that we all live very different lives that include different bank accounts, lifestyles, and style taste. Check the statements below and let me know if you agree or disagree, and feel free to leave your comment below or send me a message.

Loretta B. (37, Small Business Owner/Educator) – I love the clothes in this collection, but the price tag! I can’t see anyone paying that much… luxury or not.

Semicia H. (26, Social Worker) – I really like everything in this collection. It’s all very beautiful. I really love the leather motorcycle jacket and I think that something I want to invest in. I always liked Kimora Lee Simmons, so I wouldn’t mind supporting her.

Patrice D. (34, Marketing Professional) – I have a few dresses by Kimora Lee and looking at this collection, it looks like I’m getting some more. I do think some pieces are priced higher than what most people can afford, but I can appreciate a little high to pair up with my lows in the closet. I invest in quality clothing that will last a while, so dropping a few dollars on something I know will last longer than a year is important. The woman has taste, what can I say? I like it all.

Iyanna W. (28, Professional Hair Stylist) – No way! I love Kimora Lee Simmons and everything, but no ma’am. The pieces in this collection are way to plain and basic, for me to spend that kind of money on them. She went from bold and interesting to keeping it too simple, I don’t like it. Some of the printed pants and suits are cute, but she has really dimmed her light and I don’t see myself wearing any of this at the price point it’s in. I wish she could go back to the style she started, because I used to spend money on her clothes, but I’m not feeling this “polished” style she has now. Sorry.

Kimora Lee Simmons THE DEBUT: Pre-Fall 2015 Preview

Well, it appears that the views are all over about the collection. I personally think the pieces in this collection are beautiful. Sometimes having a simple, yet bold piece to wear every day or any day, is essential. You can make a statement without your clothing being louder than you, so I can appreciate the lines and silhouettes of the items. I will admit, that many of them are out of my price range, but that is what luxury means. These are items that are an investment, however a piece like a leather jacket or dress, isn’t something you want to wear and everyone around can attain it as well. You get what you pay for and I think if you are in a position to pay for this type of luxury, you are definitely getting something beautiful.

Make sure you check out the collection and support KLS, Kimora Lee Simmons. Get updates on new items and news surrounding the collection and her brand here (http://www.kls.com/).

I received compensation for writing this post on behalf of BRAND.  All opinions and are 100% my own. 

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