In the video I talk about overcoming your obstacles, living through your past, getting rid of everything that is bothering and dealing with life challenges.

I'esha gaptoothDiva delivers Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward

Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward | GaptoothDiva Advice

Own you part in the challenges you face and determine how you can avoid them in the future. Find out what part you played in your situation.

What Lessons Can I learn from this? Ask yourself what are the lessons that you get from the challenges and hardships.

Can I seek help or should I go through this by myself – You can reach out to unbiased friends or a counselor, if you need someone to talk to.

Obstacles are challenging but never isolate yourself from other people in order to deal with you problems.

Avoid depression, by not putting yourself on ice. Talk with trust-worthy people who uplift your spirit. Continue to pray.

Spend time with a loving family

If social media is making you sad, jealous, or upset and try spending some time offline.

Have faith in yourself and your ability to overcome.

Prayer and meditation can give you that free peace of mind you need.

Write down goals and solution to your problems, take some time to research opportunities to look for ways to deal. Use the resources available to you.

Build a Village of supportive people


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What Are Some Ways You Get Over Obstacles?

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