I want to take the time to show love to a very under represented piece of style. The Cargo pant is by far, one of the most underrated garment in my closet. You can dress it up or down, depending on your day or the type of person you are. It is one of the very pieces that both you and your man can wear at the same time without looking super foolish. It’s also a piece that you and your guy can share, if you’re the same size that is.

I really love cargo pants, and I’m not about to be ashamed of it.

Below, I list the benefits and advantages of owning a pair of cargo pants and really highlighting your personal style. Whether you are a guy or a feminine goddess, you can definitely get you a pair of functional “chicness” and not have to worry a bit.


Why Cargo Pants Can Work for You

Cargo pants, those military-style garments that went mainstream, can be both a blessing and a curse. While the functionality of extra pockets can be greatly appreciated, the extra bulk those pockets can add a silhouette can be a big drawback. However, there is a place for cargo pants in most men’s wardrobes. Here’s why.

Versatility of Color

Although the classic cargo pant color might be a medium khaki, there really is a wide variety of options available. Shades of green are popular for a slightly military look, while black can almost elevate the naturally casual appearance of cargo pants into the realm of dressy. The man with a little swagger might even be able to pull off a light tan pair of cargo pants as work-appropriate garb!

Lots of Different Styles

The motto of “less is more” is perfect for cargo pants. An extra set of large pockets on the side of each leg is just fine. The downfall of this pant style in recent years was all the extras: rivets, multiple extra compartments, straps and buttons galore. When it comes to making cargos work for you, it’s best to be restrained. Stick with a sleek line and pockets that are tight to the leg. Avoid pants with billowing pocket bottoms or additional accoutrements.


Men like to keep things in their pockets. That’s no big deal. And when hiking, camping or hunting, it’s perfectly reasonable to load up those compartments with the tools of the trade. Cargo pants are ideal in these situations. Just remember that camping wear is not the same as everyday garb.

More Cuts Available

These pants previous had been mostly cut to be loose in the thigh, adding to their reputation for being less-than-flattering. However, many of the current options have a slimmer fit through the top part of the leg. These range from relaxed fit with straight legs to a slim fit all the way down the leg.

Lots of Lengths

Cargo pants are just that: pants. However, there is a lot of flexibility within that term. Cargos can come all the way to the ankle, to the mid-calf – sometimes considered long shorts – or to just below the knee for actual shorts.

What They Go With

Cargo pants can be dressed up or down to match the occasion. A tucked-in dress shirt with a subtle print may work with cargo pants and loafers for a moderately dressy look. However, if you wear them with a T-shirt and skater sneakers, it’s purely an at-home outfit.

Overall, Cargo Pants are super awesome and can really do wonders for a minimalistic wardrobe. Now, it’s your turn. Tell me what you love the most about Cargo Pants. If you think we should add some more awesome benefits, tell me what they are. I would love to know.

‘Til next time


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