GaptoothDiva Rocksbox Review
I was not compensated for this review. Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that I signed up for with the intention of providing this review. By signing up using the code provided I may receive additional discounts and rewards.

I absolutely adore accessories, jewelry, and anything that can take your outfit from basic to bodacious. It’s pretty hard for me to keep up with the large selection of accessories I already have, so going out to purchase more on a regular basis, doesn’t make sense. I usually wear something once or twice and then hang it up with the other pieces that I covet, but dare not wear out.

Rocksbox subscription service sounds like a great solution to getting cute and stylish jewelry monthly. With your membership you take a short survey about your style, check out pretty pieces and add them to your wish list. Every month you’ll receive three awesome pieces to wear (on loan).

You also get $10 in your Shine Spend account which you can use towards any piece that you decide to keep for good and purchase. Any pieces you don’t really like (enough to purchase them) you return back for free. All the while you are encouraged to refer your friends to get additional credits toward future purchases.

It’s an easy and fun way to add new pieces to your wardrobe… even if it’s temporarily. You can try out new pieces that perhaps you wouldn’t have selected if you were shopping in the store. By subscribing you get the freedom of experimenting with your style, with no commitment if you don’t want to. However, if you love it all, you can purchase it all. That sounds like a win-win to me.

GaptoothDiva Rocksbox Review

My first box came in fairly quickly and I could not wait to open it. I wanted to wear the three pieces selected for me in various ways. Each piece was interesting in their own way, and adding it to the outfits I already have, was extremely easy. I have a review for each piece below, but the overall service is awesome.

Perry Street Amelie Crystal Necklace and Sophie Harper Pave X Ring in Silver

I absolutely loved the Perry Street Amelie Crystal Necklace, which was the ultimate statement piece. I love big intricate pieces like this necklace, and loved how this coordinated nicely with several outfits in my closet. The weight of the necklace made it comfortable to wear, however it didn’t feel so delicate that I thought I would break it. That’s a concern for me, because I’m always on the go, looking cute, and still managing to interact with my boys. I didn’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the necklace or snagging it on anything when little Dash decided he wants to jump on mommy. It is very pretty and how especially like the crystal setting and how it glows in the sunlight. This was definitely my favorite piece in the entire box.

Perry Street Amelie Crystal Necklace GaptoothDiva in Rocksbox

The Sophie Harper Pave X Ring in Silver was my second favorite. It was a simple piece that I thought could glam up any outfit. The ring looks great on, and I’m usually not into a ring that isn’t large, gaudy, and bold. If it doesn’t make a statement, I usually don’t even bother. However, this pretty ring had intricate details and I love the structure of the “X” on my finger, which gave the impression that I had two interlocking rings on at the same time. I will say that it’s easy to forget that you’re wearing it (I don’t think that’s a good thing), but I love the chic and simple appeal.

The Sophie Harper Pave X Ring in Silver GaptoothDiva in Rocksbox

I wasn’t really feeling the Margaret Elizabeth Mini Cushion Cut Drops in Labradorite earring set. It wasn’t my style at all. Considering I selected a few awesome pairs of earrings on the Rocksbox website that I did for my wish list, I was a little surprised to find these earrings in my first box. I couldn’t even pretend to like them just for a picture, because my hair was so big and luxurious. My big curl hairdo was hiding the small set and I was worried about losing them in the curliness of my ‘fro.  Eventually I got very frustrated, so I placed them back in the box immediately.

Margaret Elizabeth Mini Cushion Cut Drops in Labradorite earring set

How it works

Sign up to be a Shine Insider

Take the style survey and add items to your wish list

Get 3 pieces to wear on loan

Receive $10 in Shine Spend each month to apply towards a purchase

Refer your friends to receive additional credit toward buying jewelry

Not in love? Return anytime to get 3 new pieces

Free prepaid shipping both ways

Cancel at anytime

Want to try Rocksbox? Sign up now at and use code: Gaptoothdivaxoxo to receive your first month free. Make sure to add pieces to your wish list, to give the stylist an idea of what you would prefer to receive.

Check out Rocksbox and follow them to see more incredible deals and new items all the time…

Twitter @myrocksbox


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