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Flawesome …Because God Don’t Make No Junk!

In a world where most of our culture and society dictate what beauty standards are for all people, one woman shares her testimony dealing with the negativity she has been taught as a child about her looks and her potential. In a time where money, influence, and beauty are prerequisites for success, a young woman faces many challenges and her own struggles with self-esteem.

I’esha GaptoothDiva Hornes tells a compelling account of her battle with confidence, abuse, depression, attempted suicide and addiction. Her goal is to inspire individuals who have suffered from fear, rejection, and self-harm to not only love themselves but to also break free from damaging beliefs and ideals. Through dramatic accounts of her experiences and her Flawesome Life Improving Principles, she delivers tips on how to love yourself and your life no matter your age, education, finances, and/or relationships.

From the early days of dealing with molestation, physical and mental abuse, and colorism. I’esha GaptoothDiva Hornes comes from a rose-colored glass painted past filled with hurt, pain, and rejection. Through her journey, she found God, love, and herself. After discovering her purpose, I’esha made it her life’s work to motivate others to overcome many of the same struggles she has had to deal with most of her life. Her mission is to prove that despite our flaws, we are awesome and beautifully made.

In each chapter, you will learn how one woman became victorious in her struggles with…


Overcoming sexual and physical abuse

A battle with depression, mental health challenges, including several suicide attempts

Dealing with criticism, self-inflicted injuries, and an eating disorder

Feelings and thoughts of inadequacies and acts self-harm

Overcoming addiction

Loss relationships with family

Broken hearts and breaking hearts

Finding spiritual guidance and falling in love

After finding God, a great husband and best friend, and her own sense of self-worth, I’esha GaptoothDiva Hornes influences individuals young and old to love themselves and transform all the negative mess into a phenomenal message. She advocates that it’s never about being perfect or flawless, it’s about recognizing that despite everything that you’ve had to cope with in your life or whatever you are currently surviving, no matter who you are… you are Flawesome!

Flawesome …Because God Don’t Make No Junk Book Trailer

Author: I’esha “GaptoothDiva” Hornes

Website: http://www.IeshaGaptoothDiva.com

Booking/Contact: info@IeshaGaptoothDiva.com

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