High Tech 3D Printers: Can They Expand the Growth of Men’s Fashion?

Artisan Style: 3D Printers Expand the Possibilities for Men’s Fashion featured on GaptoothDiva

Fashion can be masculine or feminine, but it still tends to skew towards women’s styles. Is it because men aren’t as interested in expanding their wardrobes? Perhaps 3D printing will be the catalyst to get men more excited about their fashion choices, since it marries engineering with creative expression. Whether design teams are creating glasses from a single piece of nylon, unique men’s rings inspired by molten rock, or a new technique to extrude non-woven fabric, the science behind these designs is just as fascinating as the products themselves. Below, I’ve shared three recent developments that could change fashion for the better.  I believe these options to be the coolest and most intriguing developments in fashion and style and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Volcanic Accessories

When Amsterdam-based designer Maria Cichy and the FreshFiber team got together to work on a 3D-printed collection called “Volcanic Rock,” they wanted to use new technology to emulate our natural world. Taking advantage of adaptable printer materials, they created a textured nylon that looks just like cooled lava rock. This style would have been much harder to create via traditional means, but 3D design software allowed the team to make highly detailed crevices and cracks. Once they figured out the textured material, it wasn’t hard to envision it being used for phone cases, unique men’s rings, belt buckles, and other accessories. Although the design methods behind “Volcanic Rock” are fairly new, the collection has a timeless feel that looks to nature for inspiration.

Artisan Style: 3D Printers Expand the Possibilities for Men’s Fashion -


One-Piece Eyewear

The race to create the perfect set of 3D-printed eyeglasses is well underway, with famous designers and unknown upstarts getting in on the action. One of the more promising designs comes from Hong Kong company ITUM, which has funded their MONO eyeglass project using the Kickstarter-like website Indiegogo. Available in five styles, the MONO glasses are made using one piece of brushed nylon, which twists in a “DNA joint” hinge that allows the frame to bend. Right now, the frames aren’t custom-made to fit each wearer’s face — a feature that companies like PQ Eyewear have been touting with their products — but they do come in three different sizes and multiple frame/lens color combinations. These new forays into eyewear are stylish, ultra light, and more customizable than your typical pair.

Artisan Style: 3D Printers Expand the Possibilities for Men’s Fashion -

Printed Fabric

Finally, the fashion world has seen plenty of 3D-printed designs over the past few years, but most of them haven’t been able to replicate the comfortable feel of fabric. Now, a small startup called Electroloom claims to have found the solution. Starting with a hard mold, the 3D printer sprays a liquid fiber across the entire clothing design, which then bonds together into a strong fabric. When it’s ready, the printed shirt, skirt, or hat can be removed from the mold, and it will have the same properties as cotton or polyester. Although this technology is in its infancy — the company is still in the process of getting funded — it’s a promising development for printed fabrics and the fashion industry.

Artisan Style: 3D Printers Expand the Possibilities for Men’s Fashion -

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7 Quality Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Cargo Pants

I want to take the time to show love to a very under represented piece of style. The Cargo pant is by far, one of the most underrated garment in my closet. You can dress it up or down, depending on your day or the type of person you are. It is one of the very pieces that both you and your man can wear at the same time without looking super foolish. It’s also a piece that you and your guy can share, if you’re the same size that is.

I really love cargo pants, and I’m not about to be ashamed of it.

Below, I list the benefits and advantages of owning a pair of cargo pants and really highlighting your personal style. Whether you are a guy or a feminine goddess, you can definitely get you a pair of functional “chicness” and not have to worry a bit.


Why Cargo Pants Can Work for You

Cargo pants, those military-style garments that went mainstream, can be both a blessing and a curse. While the functionality of extra pockets can be greatly appreciated, the extra bulk those pockets can add a silhouette can be a big drawback. However, there is a place for cargo pants in most men’s wardrobes. Here’s why.

Versatility of Color

Although the classic cargo pant color might be a medium khaki, there really is a wide variety of options available. Shades of green are popular for a slightly military look, while black can almost elevate the naturally casual appearance of cargo pants into the realm of dressy. The man with a little swagger might even be able to pull off a light tan pair of cargo pants as work-appropriate garb!

Lots of Different Styles

The motto of “less is more” is perfect for cargo pants. An extra set of large pockets on the side of each leg is just fine. The downfall of this pant style in recent years was all the extras: rivets, multiple extra compartments, straps and buttons galore. When it comes to making cargos work for you, it’s best to be restrained. Stick with a sleek line and pockets that are tight to the leg. Avoid pants with billowing pocket bottoms or additional accoutrements.


Men like to keep things in their pockets. That’s no big deal. And when hiking, camping or hunting, it’s perfectly reasonable to load up those compartments with the tools of the trade. Cargo pants are ideal in these situations. Just remember that camping wear is not the same as everyday garb.

More Cuts Available

These pants previous had been mostly cut to be loose in the thigh, adding to their reputation for being less-than-flattering. However, many of the current options have a slimmer fit through the top part of the leg. These range from relaxed fit with straight legs to a slim fit all the way down the leg.

Lots of Lengths

Cargo pants are just that: pants. However, there is a lot of flexibility within that term. Cargos can come all the way to the ankle, to the mid-calf – sometimes considered long shorts – or to just below the knee for actual shorts.

What They Go With

Cargo pants can be dressed up or down to match the occasion. A tucked-in dress shirt with a subtle print may work with cargo pants and loafers for a moderately dressy look. However, if you wear them with a T-shirt and skater sneakers, it’s purely an at-home outfit.

Overall, Cargo Pants are super awesome and can really do wonders for a minimalistic wardrobe. Now, it’s your turn. Tell me what you love the most about Cargo Pants. If you think we should add some more awesome benefits, tell me what they are. I would love to know.

‘Til next time


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Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Fundraiser [Video]

This past weekend there was an incredibly awesome fashion show that went down at the Canal Club. It was the Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway Fashion and Fundraiser. This event is to raise money for the organization, as well as challenge designers to take donated items that aren’t particularly the most fashionable and upcycle them into runway and/or wearable styles that are updates and unique.

It was great seeing who the designers incorporated their distinctive take on each item to create something totally different and unexpected. From gowns and creative dresses with bold silhouettes to everyday wear with an edge, the designs were incomparable to anything I’ve seen lately, and only ignites more creative inspiration in someone like myself.

I really enjoyed the show and was very pleased with how well the event was put together. The many volunteers and staff with DFS Central Virginia should be patting themselves on the back. Bravo!! The models were beautiful and definitely wearing every item as if it truly were their own (although some ladies were walking a little too fast for runway). It was even cute to have some little girls from the crowd join the runway to show off their little skills, which was extremely adorable. The crowd obviously came out to support their friends and family, as you can hear cheers and hollering at a ten for some of the lovely models.

Overall, it was an exciting experience and I can’t wait to see what else Dress for Success Central Virginia has up their sleeve. We donated a Flawesome gift pack (ft. a Flawesome Book, T-shirt, and a set of lipstick) to any beautiful winner in attendance. Since the goal of Dress for Success is to help women prepare for a life of self-sufficiency and economic independence, it was my hope that by reading the book they will also learn to love themselves and overcome all of life’s obstacles one day at a time.

Watch the Full Video Recap of the Fashion Show and Fundraiser Event Below: 

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I attended the Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Fundraiser, which featured fashions and upcycled designs from local stylist and designers in the Richmond, Virginia area. Dress for Success receives generous donations from the public and often, those items may not be suitable for work/corporate environments. Nevertheless, every year DFS host their recycled fashion show to raise money for their organization, challenge local designers to see beyond the original garment, and to bring something fun and unique to the community.

Stylist and Designers were asked to remake outfits out of old clothes and repurpose designs for an original flair, while being judged by local celebrities, fashion experts, and leaders in the community.

To learn more about how you can help women move towards self-sufficiency and economic independence visit http://www.centralvirginia.dressforsuccess.org.

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Dress for Success Racap red carpet runway 3rd annual fashion show and fundraiser

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Kimora Lee Simmons THE DEBUT: Pre-Fall 2015 Preview

“I have nothing to wear! As a lifelong lover of fashion, this is something I never thought I would say. Modeling and designing taught me plenty of tricks: buy favorite pieces in multiple colors, a defined waistline gives any look an instant boost, do not underestimate the power of a skilled tailor (or a great leather jacket). “

Checking out the new KLS collection for Fall 2015, you’ll definitely have something to aspire to. With structured pieces, beautiful silhouettes, bold and striking design, what woman wouldn’t want to wear these garments? It’s luxury that hangs in your closet, but looks comfortable enough to hang on your body any day of the week. I love the black and white options, but the prints and colors are also beautiful and captivating as well.

Kimora says that she created these pieces for herself, and for other women who sought to look polished and pulled together, not just for an “event” but for an entire day. Most days for women like us, entrepreneurs, mothers, women about town and about our business those days can often be unpredictable. With social media being a part of our everyday and pictures almost being a prerequisite of being active on social media, you must always look marvelous and camera ready. With this beautiful collection of bold but streamlined ready to wear and accessories, women like us won’t have any problems showcasing her life and lifestyle in style.

Kimora Lee Simmons THE DEBUT: Pre-Fall 2015 Preview

“Here you’ll find the exact pieces I sought, from sleek dresses to wear to brunch and keep on for cocktails to the black-but-not-boring jacket that I throw on to pick up the kids and also wear out at night, along with many more.”

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Spring or Summer Wedding Underway? Consider DQT Ltd. For Your Guy’s Formal Accessories

Hopefully, Valentine’s Day has brought some of you beautiful and single ladies the engagement of your dreams. If so, I have a great resource for you that is not only inexpensive but international. Some of us want the luxury of stylish UK fashion, but we don’t always have the wallet to match our ambitions. Don’t cut corners for your big day. Check out something new.

If you shop internationally, you’ll love DQT Ltd. When it comes to your inexpensive but stylish formal men’s formal wear and accessories. This UK based business has a plethora of bow ties, cravats, and waist coats.

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GaptoothDiva Street Style Love: Cozy Winter Sophistication w/ Shanice (Baby Sis)

Just because it’s cold outside, I don’t believe that you need to skimp on style. There are plenty of options out there for even the most stylish person to showcase their personal style and still stay warm and cozy. I stay around individuals that genuinely have a knack for being unique and creative with their personal style. However, I happen to be related to one as well.

My little sister, Shanice, is someone that I can definitely be proud of. I’m known for reading people in the bloodline because of their propensity to dress like they are stuck in one year (i.e, 1998 #noshade) and never growing or evolving in their personal style. Editing aside, I just can’t go everywhere with everyone, but Shanice is someone that I never have to worry about. I’ll even admit that often the clothes that she wears, I inquire of they’ll have it in my size. When I started DashA’veri Vintage and Thrift, I modeled my ideal client after people like Shanice. She is the type of person that enjoys being comfortable, but still highlighting her feminine and tomboy mix. She knows her body and she doesn’t need to put her assets on display to feel sexy and glamorous. That to me should be inspiration for young ladies her age (22), because she sets an example of a mature style that doesn’t compromise on modesty or comfort.

GaptoothDiva Street Style Love: Cozy Winter Sophistication w/ Shanice (Baby Sis) Continue reading → GaptoothDiva Street Style Love: Cozy Winter Sophistication w/ Shanice (Baby Sis)

DashA’veri Vintage and Thrifted Redesigns Featured in Bold Curves Holiday Fashion Show [Video]

I had the pleasure of featuring my line of vintage and thrifted apparel and accessories in a local Richmond, Virginia fashion show that included models ranging in sizes for 2 to 24. It was an awesome experience, as I love styling in sustainable thrifted and vintage fashions that don’t hurt the budget. It’s something about seeing someone add a piece from my store into their wardrobe that didn’t cost them more than a value meal at a fast food restaurant.

I haven’t shared enough of what I do with DashA’veri vintage and thrift because I’ve been so busy promoting the book and the Flawesome movement, but that will change. I’m extremely passionate about thrifting and styling with low cost clothing that are colorful, printed, and unique. I have a wide variety of pieces that can fit anyone’s lifestyle. I pride myself on the fact that 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted and vintage. It’s nothing like knowing that when you arrive at the event, party, meeting, or workplace, there won’t be anyone else wearing what you’re wearing or how you’re wearing it.

In this video, you will see a diverse group of women who have all made DashA’veri Vintage and Thrift their own. They rock these pieces with confidence and no matter what size they are, they own it. Continue reading → DashA’veri Vintage and Thrifted Redesigns Featured in Bold Curves Holiday Fashion Show [Video]

Fashion Night Out RVA Highlights Incredibly Talented Emerging Designers This Fall

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting an incredible fashion event presented by Runway Couture owner Christian Crawford and Le’laMone’ owner Lakisha Greene. The event held at Broad Streets Mix Gallery in Richmond, Virginia was like no other fashion event this fall. Chock full of some sophisticated and trendy pieces created by some brilliant designers, this event was one for the books when it comes to highlighting DMV style and creativity. Continue reading → Fashion Night Out RVA Highlights Incredibly Talented Emerging Designers This Fall

#FlawesomeStyle – Joi “HonniBee” Taylor w/ Her Beautiful Summer Ombre Blue Natural Hair

If you have been following me for a while, you know that a while back I had “Color ADD”. I was coloring my hair all shades of red, blue, purple, pink, orange, and now I’m a blonde. I love color, especially when someone is bold enough to wear it in their hair. I really love it when they do it right, it looks neat and polished, and it’s so beautiful that they can get away with it with a formal dress.

Well, a little while ago while going through my social media time lines, I saw the most beautiful ombre blue hair style, rocked by an up and coming entrepreneur (full interview coming soon) Joi Taylor. It looks like the pretty Ms. Joi was going to the prom or to a formal dance. The wonderful young lady decided that she wanted to showcase her personality by coloring her hair in the magnetic hue that really set off her dress. I love it. When I was a kid, I used to experiment with my hair color all the time (before it was really cool) and I would have died to have this awesome color, in this ombre style. It’s amazing!

#flawesomestyle featuring Joi HonnieBee Taylor Ombre Blue Natural Hair Curls Prom Color

I love when someone steps out and decided to be this bold and it’s a successful look that you can wear anywhere. I encourage more people to try something outside the box this summer. I mean it’s only hair, and despite your fears… it will grow back or fade out.

Some of my favorite hair colors have been the result of me using Manic Panic which is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I always suggest that you lighten your hair first to achieve the brightest and true to tone hair color. However, it’s always good to ensure that your hair is healthy, not damaged, and always moisturized as hair color and bleach can dry some hair textures out without the proper care.

Joi looked so adorable with her awesome hair color and I’m excited to see some more styles in the future. Be sure to tune in for more, because I am doing a review of Joi’s new natural hair care line very soon on this site and my channel on YouTube. It’s incredible to support people who are working towards careers that keep people beautiful both inside and out, and this young lady is definitely on her way.

Follow her on Facebook: Joi HonnieBee Taylor

To be featured on the website for your personal style, send in your pics to TeamGaptoothhdiva@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and hopefully I’ll catch your awesome style to feature you myself.

Note: Although I attended cosmetology school in the past, you should always consult with a hair care / beauty professional for advice specifically for you. I know some people! Let me know if you need to get in contact with a professional and I’ll hook you up with the right Beauty Pro that can help you.


Do You Love Joi’s Blue Ombre Color?

Review: Lavish Curves Boutique Isn’t Lavish At All… Sending in Blouses as Dresses

If you know me, you know that I am a customer service junkie. I will spend my last dime with you, go out of my way to purchase from you, and talk about you until my face turns blue for a little customer service. I enjoy feeling like I’m not just a coin, but a client and customer. If I choose to spend my hard earned money with someone, I expect a certain level of treatment.

So recently, while searching for something to wear to an upcoming event, I came across Lavish Curves Boutique on Instagram. Let me just say that, this was probably where I made my first mistake. Knowing that many so called “entrepreneurs” are now saturating Instagram with their products, and many of them are not legit or reputable, I still wanted to give someone a chance.


I'esha GaptoothDiva Reviews Lavish Curves Boutique and their dresses are wack


Lavish Curves Boutique had some cute options for the voluptuous woman, and I was really in a crunch for time. I wanted something “flowy” and feminine, so I opted to go a size up for more comfort. I saw a cute little black and white number (you know how much I love black and white) with polka dots and I grabbed the Visa.

When I say these people (or person) doesn’t know how to communicate, I’m serious. I left several voicemail messages inquiring about my package, its status, and when is it scheduled to arrive. No one called me back at all. I received no response after several attempts, I was convinced that it wouldn’t come and I was out of approximately $60. Finally a packaged arrived. A very small flat rate box (that couldn’t be no more than $5) with my dress stuffed inside. How can someone charge so much for shipping, to only stuff my dress in this little box the size of a book?  I was upset but relieved. I got my dress now, no problems.

Except, I was wrong. Dress was severely too damn small. The color was off. How do you get black and white wrong? It was wrinkled, crumbled, and not exactly what I had imagined it would look like. Disappointed is an understatement, considering how much money I paid to get this dress. It wasn’t at all what I thought I was paying for and to make it worse, Lavish Curves doesn’t do refunds. Sigh.

Recently, I was asked to submit a review of the product. Now, why would you go and ask my opinion about something, when I’m in my feelings? Silly.  Well, this is what I posted to their website. I assume that my message won’t make it past the “Your Review Is Pending Approval” stage, so I’ll just share it with you here:

Nothing Like The Picture

This dress is wack! What’s even more wack, is the manner in which it was sent. This “dress” isn’t worth the money that I paid for it. It’s not a dress as much as it’s a blouse. The sizes and measurements were all wrong. It fits like a shirt, I bought it bigger because I wanted it to fit comfortably. It’s not even black and white. It’s more like black and cream. So someone lied or left my “dress” in a dirty basement until my order was fulfilled. This dress sucks and so does the customer service, who never called me back. Thanks a lot for giving me material to use in a legitimate fashion review. A shame, too. I really wanted to rave about this company, but…

Never coming back again and urging my friends to do the same. No worries.”

If they gave refunds, I probably wouldn’t be so mad to be honest with you. However, I don’t get how you don’t give refunds AND you don’t answer the phone, nor return messages. So you want our money, but you don’t want to deal with us?

I’m not shopping here ever again. I don’t like my experience and I’m not in the mood to see pictures of stuff that after they are purchased, they look totally different than what you selected. I also don’t like the idea of someone not contacting me back after I have contacted them about my purchase from their store.

Lavish Curves can have a seat. There are way too many plus size stores online for this mess.  and I’m done.

The Lessons here:

  • Always double check sizes and measurements
  • Instagram retailers should be accountable for customer service and proper business etiquette as well
  • Contact the store first, if they don’t return calls… don’t pay them for anything
  • What you see in the picture may not be what you get. Even Large Brands get accused of photoshop.
  • Buying an outfit for a special occasion, be prepared to have a backup plan
  • Use your voice if you spent your money
  • Never be intimated to post an accurate review of your shopping experience, especially when the retailer asked you.

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