Do You Agree that Art Has Always Made Man?

Art has always been an important part of the human experience. Ever since the first cave drawing, man has been using his creativity to convey his emotions and communicate with his fellow-man. Somehow, mankind has forgotten the importance of art in this modern age. Art classes are being pulled from our schools and music budgets are being cut to minimal proportions. Do You Agree that Art Has Always Made Man?

Luckily, many groups, organizations, and people still remember how important all art is to us and are actively fighting to keep it alive. They do this through awareness events like the Street Pianos in New York event from Sing for Hope or by simply forming petitions and writing their politicians. Any little bit helps, and as long as we all work together, we can save the arts for our kids.

There are great advantages to keeping art classes and activities in our schools and lives. The obvious benefit is fostering a sense of creativity and imagination. Those are the two fundamental ideas behind every invention ever created. In order to think outside the box, you have to be taught it is okay to be different. Without art, our children will be missing out on key critical thinking skills that help in other areas of academics.

Life lessons can also be taught through the arts. A piece of art, no matter what medium, is subjective. Even though the artist created it with a vision and purpose, you and I may see it differently and have different reactions. This subjectivity helps children and adults learn about other perspectives. With the world shrinking day by day, being able to understand other cultures and see things from someone else’s perspective will be an integral part of everyday life.
In its simplest definition, art is expression. Teaching children to express feelings through art will help them become better communicators and give them another outlet for negative feelings. Everyone has bad days and just needs to cool off or vent. A great way to do this is through art. Taking away this release is only harming our children.

Let’s work together to give our children, and ourselves, a better future. The future without art is bleak and dark. Art brightens up that future and opens it up for the leaders of tomorrow.

I totally believe that art plays a huge role in my life, and the lives of those I care about. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for loving art, creating art, and aspiring to be an artist in all facets of what I do.

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Do You Agree that Art Has Always Made Man?

How to Overcome Obstacles and Move Forward

In the video I talk about overcoming your obstacles, living through your past, getting rid of everything that is bothering and dealing with life challenges.

I'esha gaptoothDiva delivers Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward

Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward | GaptoothDiva Advice

Own you part in the challenges you face and determine how you can avoid them in the future. Find out what part you played in your situation.

What Lessons Can I learn from this? Ask yourself what are the lessons that you get from the challenges and hardships.

Can I seek help or should I go through this by myself – You can reach out to unbiased friends or a counselor, if you need someone to talk to.

Obstacles are challenging but never isolate yourself from other people in order to deal with you problems.

Avoid depression, by not putting yourself on ice. Talk with trust-worthy people who uplift your spirit. Continue to pray.

Spend time with a loving family

If social media is making you sad, jealous, or upset and try spending some time offline.

Have faith in yourself and your ability to overcome.

Prayer and meditation can give you that free peace of mind you need.

Write down goals and solution to your problems, take some time to research opportunities to look for ways to deal. Use the resources available to you.

Build a Village of supportive people


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What Are Some Ways You Get Over Obstacles?

Joseph Fountain on Faith, Getting Started, & Stepping Up | GaptoothDiva Motivation

From the talent showcase titled Motivate, my previous Flawesome Academy workshop, husband, father, and motivational speaker Joseph Fountain has been an incredibly inspiring man about town in Richmond, Virginia. I had the wonderful pleasure of chatting it up with him before the New Year as he talks about being a motivator for those in the community. It wasn’t until today, I was able to get my hands on the audio file to post this, but I believe it is just as powerful now as it was a few months back.
From his own testimony, he used to work as an engineer. He was laid off before his son was born, and after being rejected by many jobs while trying to get back into the workforce, he felt led by God to use his gifts to work for himself.

Joseph discusses not growing up in the most pristine of environments, describing his upbringing as rough. He was torn as a young man to make money and provide for his family. He talks about learning new avenues in life to provide for himself, his wife and children. He believes that God has better for us all, and that God saved him to go down an enriched path to motivate and help others find better ways to live.
Joseph wants to inspire those who have endured struggles and obstacles in life.

“We think we need a whole lot to get started. The most you need is having faith and belief”

Joseph encourages people to start where they are in order get started in their dreams and goals. He states that we will never really ever get our ducks in a row, in order to make a difference. He firmly encourages others to start moving and to make things happen no matter where you are in life.
Like me, he credits self-education such as Google, reading books, and networking as a way to propel him into a direction of being a self-starter, an entrepreneur, and a motivator. He chalks that up as his faith being the size of a mustard seed to jump from nothing to something incredible.

He says that most sit with the “I don’t have this…” mentality, and that’s the reason why they aren’t where they should be or even where they want to be.

He list some of the things he has done to motivate himself:

– He admits that he learned from the temptation that he faced often
– He prayed to God for a different life and different circumstances, he desperately sought change and a way out of his situation
– He got on a right path towards working & getting out of school
– He encouraged more prayer and understanding for the plan that God had for his life
– He read biographies of wealthy and influential people who possessed the type of success that Joseph wanted for himself and his family, in order to learn the lessons that those people have overcame
– He learned that the process is not our business but God’s business. He teaches that our reactions to life’s challenges is our business. “What are you learning from this?” is the question you should ask when you’re faced with challenges and life’s adversity.
– Realize that “its” bigger than you!
– If you don’t try or pursue what’s been on your heart, who will?

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned was how to trust God”

Listen to Our Full Interview on the GaptoothDiva Show Here:

Interview with Joseph Fountain on Faith, Getting Started, & Stepping Up | GaptoothDiva Motivation

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When you learn to trust God, you can get over hurdles. Joseph definitely encourages everyone to surround themselves with people who are equally encouraging and positive. He says steer clear of the haters and naysayers just because you fear being alone. He says avoid secluding yourself from the world when you’re going through something, instead fellowship with others on the same spiritual level and positive direction as you.

He recounts the time when he was laid off, how some people wanted to reach out to him, not to be friendly or caring, but to be nosy and see how he was dealing with those struggles. We both laugh at this, because we both understood the feeling of mistaking such people as friends interested in some new gossip, while we’re trying to be optimistic about our circumstances. He chalks that up as people, not interested in seeing you succeed ahead of them, so they remind you of your obstacles. He encourages us that some people are bitter because they don’t believe that you should make it. When we decide to step up and do greater, we force those around us to get their affairs in order and step up as well, or get left behind.

“At the end of the day, this is your life… it’s for you. God didn’t give them the vision, He gave it to you”
Joseph admits that this positive mentality isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. He stated that anyone hating or blocking you, believes in you just as much as a fan and a friend. That’s why they’re mad, because they see greatness in you as well, if not more than what you can see.

When it comes to the state of our country and the awfully apparent racism still prevalent amongst certain groups, Joseph touches on his feelings about the senseless deaths of African American men all over the country. He admits that one part of him is angered, yet another part of him is inspired. He is a father and a family man, who feels pressured to help our younger generation more. He thinks about his son and the world that he has to raise him up in, and he ponders on ways to combat this.

Joseph is a firm believer of us treating ourselves with the same respect that we want from those outside our community. He knows first-hand how certain things like racism, classism, and other forms of prejudice can thwart a community. He says using each other, our knowledge, and or resources to make a difference will be a huge positive impact. Collectively, we both agree that there is definitely work to do. He says to do the best we can to show that we are working and standing together in general. He presents a call-to-action to more black men showing leadership and making a difference. We have to be more thoughtful, and ask men to stop playing childish games and stop concerning themselves with the temporary things in life.

Joseph encourages our leaders to come from a place of experience and transparency. He states that many leaders don’t realize that they are talking “at” young people, instead of to them from a place of empathy and understanding. He tells about his own experiences to convey a message to our youth that he isn’t too far removed from the life that our kids know about now. He shares alternatives, instead of preaching what you should and shouldn’t do, to help them understand that there is a better lifestyle waiting for you.

He is currently working on a foundation with his wife, whose efforts will be to help families in need of resources and guidance to steer from the wrong path. Joseph understands how people judge others based on the outside appearance of what someone’s situation might seem.

He plans to put together a men’s empowering event, to educate men on ways to deal with their emotions and decision making. He wants this event to help through life, relationship, and families decisions and strategy for all men alike.

“Time moves so fast… take life serious. Ask God ‘what are you trying to show me?’ Whatever God gives you, use it. Ask God to guide you.”

Joseph strongly encourages others to find your purpose and do what you are gifted to do. A message that is insanely powerful, delivering what I like to call high level motivation.

Check him out at
He’s on also on and Instagram at @Takeovervisions

Did you agree with the powerful message from Joseph Fountain? If so, tell us how this has impacted you and what you took from our conversation.

Join the #DeedADay Movement to Bring Joy to Yourself & Others.

It’s important to me to do some good in this world. I know what it feels like to have nothing and to have no one to turn to, when I needed help. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you’ll understand the kind of pain that you experience when you’re in need. After everything that I’ve went through in my life, I feel that in what I call my “borrowed time”, I would like to spend it doing more good for others and being there for anyone who needs it. Isn’t that why we go so hard every day, to be able to provide for ourselves and others? Well thankfully I discovered a cool and interesting way to give back daily and to remind myself that every little small selfless act is enough to change the world.

Gaptoothdiva discusses Join the #DeedADay Movement to Bring Joy to Yourself & Others. Continue reading → Join the #DeedADay Movement to Bring Joy to Yourself & Others.

Interview with Empowerment Speaker Aynoit Ashur on Surviving Domestic Violence and Unhealthy Relationships [LISTEN]

I always want to encourage people, especially those that have suffered abuse and unhealthy relationships in the past. I figured who better to give them advice and to tell their story than Aynoit Ashur is an empowerment speaker. She is someone who now uses her experiences to inspire and educate those needing support transitioning from abusive relationships to a lifestyle full of self-love.

Continue reading → Interview with Empowerment Speaker Aynoit Ashur on Surviving Domestic Violence and Unhealthy Relationships [LISTEN]

Interview with Wykinnya Whitehurst ‘Things Collected Along The Way’ – Surviving Abuse & Self Hate [LISTEN]

No matter how alone you feel, you are not alone. There are so many people out there who are or have struggled with some of the same issues you have. I had the pleasure of speaking with local author Wykinnya Whitehurst, of “Things Collected along the Way” a book she wrote where she gives impactful advice on how to survive abuse and self-esteem issues.

Wykinnya knew pain. She describes pain as as being “small and unworthy” and she didn’t want anyone else to feel the same way that she felt growing up. She has suffered as early as 6 years old and gives all credit to God, who she recognizes pulled her through.

“Even though I didn’t love myself, I knew God loved me. I knew my life was worth more”

“I never had faith, it was through my trials that I got my faith. That’s how I overcame and how I made it”

LISTEN to our full interview below:

“At age 11 I felt God arms wrap around me…”

Wykinnya first attempted suicide at age 9 years old. She says that she asked herself why she was here and alive. She didn’t understand why God would put her on earth to be mistreated. She felt that she had no reason to be here. She admits to not caring for herself. She states that she didn’t feel the love that a child needed to thrive, she didn’t feel properly cared for or appreciated. She was looking for her mother’s love, but only discovered a huge void on her life.

“I expected my mother to love and protect me. My expectation of what a mother is supposed to be, was not what I got.”

“I didn’t realize until her death, that she [my mother] only loved me the way she knew how. Despite that not being enough for me.”

She admitted to her family at 14 years old, that she wanted to die. She looked for a sense of concern and a reaction from her mother. When Wykinnya didn’t get that from her mother she felt despair.

The turning point for Wykinnya, about four years ago, was when she started to accept herself and developed a strong desire to connect with others who struggled with the same issues.

“Just because I’m going through something right now alone, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t going through it as well”

Wykinnya states that her book is something anyone can read. She said that once she connected with God, she realized that her life was not hers. Through growing up and doing what she calls soul searching, she had to learn to love herself.

“If you are feeling alone or lonely, God loves us all. No matter what it looks like, have faith. Only if you want it. You have to really want it, but you’ll get what you put out. The results are still the same.”

Wykinnya wants everyone to read her book, and allow her quotes to resonate with you no matter where you are in your life.

Purchase Things Collected Along the Way at or

Your Why & Your Purpose: Stop Looking for Support & Fans [VIDEO]

If you don’t know why you’re trying to pursue a dream, start a business, or make a difference, then stop what you are doing right now. Stop making excuses about your finances, your network, and where you grew up or went to school. Don’t wait for popularity and prosperity to come before you do what’s in your heart. Your purpose isn’t to wait on anything or anyone, it’s to begin the journey and learn the lessons along the way that will transform your life and someone else’s. In this video, I express how you should be motivated by your gifts and your talent, and not by how many people like your status, retweet your ideas and thoughts, or how many people come out to your events. What is your why?

Questions you need to ask yourself when you’re trying to pursue a passion, dream, or business:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Am I willing to put in the work?
  • What am I expecting from my hard work (What are the results I want to receive?)
  • Is this a true passion of mine or do I just want to be popular/rich/an entrepreneur?
  • If no one could see this or if no one ever knew about it, would I still want to do it?
  • Am I willing to grow my customer base, my movement and community or do I want instant results?
  • Have I trained and educated myself on the details and procedures of my goal?
  • Do I have a mentor and/or am I willing to be a mentor to others?
  • Will I stand by my work and my creations, if I receive negative criticism or backlash?
  • Am I ready to start now or do I need further preparation to begin?

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#MondayJumpoff – Killing That Ego & Walk In Your Purpose 09/15 by GaptoothDivaRadio | Motivation Podcasts

GaptoothDiva Radio[LISTEN HERE]

Monday Jumpoff – Killing That Ego & Walk In Your Purpose 09/15 by GaptoothDivaRadio | Motivation Podcasts


Your ego could be the reason that your relationships fall apart, why that opportunity hasn’t come around for you, or why you aren’t succeeding to the best of your ability. Our egos keep us from walking into our purpose because our ego is more worried about what we look like, than who we truly are. In this episode, we discuss how to kill that ego and walk into our purpose.

I’esha GaptoothDiva, Author, Media Personality, and Motivational Speaker delivers a candid discussion on ways to improve your life and your mind, regardless of where you are. Using what she calls “Flawesome Life Improving Principles”, she talks about being flawed and imperfect but still deserving the best that life has to offer.

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Monday Jumpoff – Killing That Ego & Walk In Your Purpose gaptoothdiva radio

Monday Jumpoff – Using Fear to Succeed (How to Pursue Your Dreams) by GaptoothDivaRadio | Radio Podcasts


Monday Jumpoff – Using Fear to Succeed (How to Pursue Your Dreams) 09/08 by GaptoothDivaRadio | Radio Podcasts.

Monday Jumpoff – Using Fear to Succeed (How to Pursue Your Dreams)

GaptoothDiva Radio

Fear is the biggest reason why many people don’t pursue their dreams or purpose. In this episode I discuss how to use fear to help you push through the obstacles that you built for yourself. Don’t allow fear to get in your way, but use the feelings fear gives you to motivate you to try harder.

I’esha GaptoothDiva, Author, Media Personality, and Motivational Speaker delivers a candid discussion on ways to improve your life and your mind, regardless of where you are. Using what she calls “Flawesome Life Improving Principles”, she talks about being flawed and imperfect but still deserving the best that life has to offer.

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Monday Jumpoff – Using Fear to Succeed (How to Pursue Your Dreams)


Tune in every week for the baddest creative motivation with GaptoothDiva’s Monday Jumpoff

GaptoothDiva Motivation – Vincent E. White Discusses Finding His Father, Being a Father, & His Motivating Stage Play

Interview with Vincent E. White Author of Finding Chris, My Father

Very few people get the opportunity to truly tell their story. It’s a passion and dream of many, but this one man not only got the opportunity to share his story, but to also create a stage play behind it. Vincent Ellis White, author and motivational speaker in Richmond Virginia wrote “Finding Chris, My Father” a story that details his experience as a fatherless child growing up. A child who initially believed that a prison inmate was his father, only to discover that his actual father was someone totally different. During his quest in finding out who his father really was, Vincent’s life choices are all an example of how fatherlessness can either deter you from making positive decisions or motivate you to work harder. It seems as if in his life, Vincent saw a combination of both.

Vincent discusses harboring anger, manipulating women, and not trusting people because of that missing piece in his life. However after learning why he was feeling a sense that something or someone was missing, he eventually learned forgiveness. He grew spiritually closer to God, an effort that he claims helped him to understand why he was doing the things he did.

As a mentor and counselor in the community, Vincent says that the lack of an adequate father figure in his life for so many years, was what inspired (what he calls a stronger calling) him to be there for young people. Due to his personal experiences and what he had to deal with he worked towards mentoring and being an advocate for young people who lacked the guidance that he so desperately search for. He says that he never wants to look down on people because of his accomplishments, he wanted to convey the message that he has gone through many of things that he knows they suffer from and he in fact understands more than most.

Interview with Vincent E. White Author of Finding Chris, My Father

In this interview we discussed the myth that is constantly perpetuated that African American fathers are not involved in the lives of their children, when statistics show that this is not the case. Although there are numbers of African American fathers who are not married to their child’s mother, the fathers are playing a role in their child’s life through effective and positive co-parenting. Vincent goes on to say that the relationship with the child’s mother definitely plays a role in a man’s ability to be there for his seed. His reasoning is that many mothers can and will make it difficult, especially when they are hurt because of the outcome of the relationship. His encourages fathers to be mature, persevere, and keep things essentially cordial in order to avoid negatively impacting your judgment. Vincent states that even he did not get it right at first, however he learned after growing spiritually that he had to be one hundred percent about his child.

“If the man steps up and acts how he is supposed to act, even if the mother doesn’t follow suit, eventually she has no choice but to come around. She will see the benefit of the both of you working together. It’s growth”

Vincent testifies that his book and stage play as allowed him to sit back and become a willing vessel to transform lives and open up hearts. He talks about fathers admitting that his story inspired them to find their fathers and reach out to their children, a blessing that gives much purpose to the entire project. Doors have opened up for this man, but that is just a small piece of what God wanted to do. The vast amount of people affected by this is what is really remarkable.

Listen to the Full Interview Here:

Be sure to support him for his upcoming showing of his critically acclaimed stage play “Finding Chris, My Father” Thursday September 25th at Virginia State University (Douglas Wilder Building) at 6:30pm. What’s incredible about this particular showing, is that it’s absolutely FREE! I will definitely be in the building and I hope that you can join me.

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How Has Fatherless-ness Affected You?