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The Most Sensible Summer Reward from Weight Watchers

I recently did a review with Influenster for the newly re-designed Weight Watchers ice cream. Before the end of the month of July, considering it is #icecreammonth

I wanted to share my video review on my website before the end of the month to show my respect to all those ice cream lovers out there.

The Most Sensible Summer Reward from Weight Watchers

Side Note: I will be sharing more details about my weight loss plans, very soon. I’m actually going to let you in on my personal journey and I have plans to make it extremely interactive. I’m excited, so just wait!

Check out the video review below. In this video I show you my kid’s reaction to the ice cream sandwiches from Weight Watchers. You will also see the full unboxing of the English toffee crunch flavor from Weight Watchers, and you will hear my honest review about the ice cream.

Watch the Full Product Review and Unboxing:

Influenster Weight Watcher’s Ice Cream Review

For more details about Weight Watcher’s and #weightwatchersicecream, go to

The Most Sensible Summer Reward from Weight Watchers

To participate in Influenster programs to try out products that you may love and enjoy talking about, sign up here:


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

The Strange Breast Experience That Will Make You Scream #HugsShouldntHurt

This post is sponsored by Violet iodine, but all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

I don’t know a sane woman alive who will proudly proclaim that she loves her period. Since I was 12 years old, I loathed “my time of the month” and the distress and pain associated with it. As I got older, I realized that it was something my body had to go through whether I liked it or not. Accepting the inconvenient symptoms associated with my menstrual was just a part of my life, there was nothing anyone could do.

I would dress around the bloating, become anti-social during the mood swings, and pop all types of pain relievers to get me through the awful cramps I would experience. However, there wasn’t really anything I could do about the breast pain. Believing that these DD breast were doomed for life, I would avoid physical contact with friends and family members for fear that someone would accidentally bump into my already aching and sore breast. That’s the type of stuff to make you a very angry person, no matter how cute you may think you are.

Who wants to hug someone when your breast feel like landmines on your chest? Not I, said the Diva! So to be a very social individual who has to suddenly turn down during her menstrual cycle because of breast tenderness and discomfort, can be detrimental to my personal life and professional goals. I realized I couldn’t keep living like that, if I wanted to continue to be happy all the time.

The Strange Breast Experience That Will Make You Scream #HugsShouldntHurt

I heard about Violet iodine, which alleviates breast tenderness, aches, swelling and heaviness associated with the menstrual cycle and promotes overall breast health. I was really excited, because this sounds like a solution to some of the issues I had been experiencing for so long. You can get more information about it at

Since Violet iodine is a once daily, non-hormone, non-prescription pill, it’s an easy addition to your wellness routine that can make a huge difference in how you feel month after month.

I can’t wait, because hugs are the best way to great my friends, new and old. I don’t want anything in the way of me being my fun, bubbly, and affectionate self, even if it’s my dreaded period and these huge breast. I say #HugsShouldntHurt, and that’s what I mean.

Join the Blogger Babes and Violet Iodine on Tuesday, July 14th for a special #HugsshouldntHurt Twitter Party from 8 to 9pm ET. Get details here:

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7 Quality Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Cargo Pants

I want to take the time to show love to a very under represented piece of style. The Cargo pant is by far, one of the most underrated garment in my closet. You can dress it up or down, depending on your day or the type of person you are. It is one of the very pieces that both you and your man can wear at the same time without looking super foolish. It’s also a piece that you and your guy can share, if you’re the same size that is.

I really love cargo pants, and I’m not about to be ashamed of it.

Below, I list the benefits and advantages of owning a pair of cargo pants and really highlighting your personal style. Whether you are a guy or a feminine goddess, you can definitely get you a pair of functional “chicness” and not have to worry a bit.


Why Cargo Pants Can Work for You

Cargo pants, those military-style garments that went mainstream, can be both a blessing and a curse. While the functionality of extra pockets can be greatly appreciated, the extra bulk those pockets can add a silhouette can be a big drawback. However, there is a place for cargo pants in most men’s wardrobes. Here’s why.

Versatility of Color

Although the classic cargo pant color might be a medium khaki, there really is a wide variety of options available. Shades of green are popular for a slightly military look, while black can almost elevate the naturally casual appearance of cargo pants into the realm of dressy. The man with a little swagger might even be able to pull off a light tan pair of cargo pants as work-appropriate garb!

Lots of Different Styles

The motto of “less is more” is perfect for cargo pants. An extra set of large pockets on the side of each leg is just fine. The downfall of this pant style in recent years was all the extras: rivets, multiple extra compartments, straps and buttons galore. When it comes to making cargos work for you, it’s best to be restrained. Stick with a sleek line and pockets that are tight to the leg. Avoid pants with billowing pocket bottoms or additional accoutrements.


Men like to keep things in their pockets. That’s no big deal. And when hiking, camping or hunting, it’s perfectly reasonable to load up those compartments with the tools of the trade. Cargo pants are ideal in these situations. Just remember that camping wear is not the same as everyday garb.

More Cuts Available

These pants previous had been mostly cut to be loose in the thigh, adding to their reputation for being less-than-flattering. However, many of the current options have a slimmer fit through the top part of the leg. These range from relaxed fit with straight legs to a slim fit all the way down the leg.

Lots of Lengths

Cargo pants are just that: pants. However, there is a lot of flexibility within that term. Cargos can come all the way to the ankle, to the mid-calf – sometimes considered long shorts – or to just below the knee for actual shorts.

What They Go With

Cargo pants can be dressed up or down to match the occasion. A tucked-in dress shirt with a subtle print may work with cargo pants and loafers for a moderately dressy look. However, if you wear them with a T-shirt and skater sneakers, it’s purely an at-home outfit.

Overall, Cargo Pants are super awesome and can really do wonders for a minimalistic wardrobe. Now, it’s your turn. Tell me what you love the most about Cargo Pants. If you think we should add some more awesome benefits, tell me what they are. I would love to know.

‘Til next time


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Am I Really The Only Grown Black Woman with Mommy Issues?

With Mother’s Day rearing her pretty little head, I decided to talk about my struggle with celebrating motherhood. I know as a mother, this a great opportunity for my children to show me how much they love me in a creative and fun way. I love it! However, as the child from a strained mother daughter relationship, how do I let go of the past and finally show my mother how much I’ve healed?

I’m grown now. There is no doubt about it since my last birthday dropped in like it was hot. Yet, for the past decade I’ve admittedly walked around as “a grown woman with mommy issues”. If you know me or have ever been privy to my personal struggle, you know that I had battles with my family. Most importantly, my mother. We would bump heads, go months and years without speaking, and I was hurting because of it.

Am I Really The Only Grown Black Woman with Mommy Issues

People came in and out of my life, many of them trying to fill the void left by her absence. Yet, no matter how much time and energy was spent, no one can replace my mother. I struggled internally because of it. I wanted to believe I was over it, and perhaps I could live my life without ever dealing with my mother again.  As crazy as it sounds I was determined to try, busying myself with work and with people who were put into place to make me feel like nothing was missing. Nevertheless, I wasn’t right, my children weren’t right, and it started to become obvious.

Despite everything I was going through, stubbornness was preventing me from just letting it go. I had questions, I needed answers. I had things to say, I needed her to listen. Most importantly, I wanted an apology and for her to change into someone and something I always wanted her to be… my friend. It was my oldest son that begged me to be the bigger person. He asked me to make up with my mother for his birthday, because he missed her, my father, and his aunts and cousin. I knew I couldn’t deny him that effort because of my pride, so I submitted to reaching out. We talked, we cried, and we made promises. Emotionally, I was overwhelmed. To have your family back after almost two years, is an incredible feeling. After I let so much off of my mind and off my chest, finally opening up about my pain, hurts, and disappointments, I was finally heard. We made amends, something I’ve only dreamt about after all of that time had pass. We agreed that we would be more compassionate and honest. We committed to be better towards each other, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

For the past few months, I’ve been cultivating our mother-daughter relationship. Growing each week closer and closer to my own mother, something that was difficult in the past. Now that I’m older, it’s easier for me to take people for who they are, instead of what I think they should be. When I allowed enough time to go by, I realized that as a mother, you can only do what you can with what you have at the time. It’s not perfect every day, and even I had struggles that made me someone who I didn’t like. So far be it from me, to hold a grudge towards my mom for not getting it right back then, when we’re both capable of fixing it now.

Sometimes, I think I’m the only black woman with mommy issues. No one ever talks about the struggle to have that bond with their own biological mother. Often times, I felt alone in my tug of war of building a relationship with my mother and how it breaks me down when we aren’t connecting like we should. As little black girls, we’re taught that we should respect our mothers, be there for our mothers and never not speak to your mother. I held anger for her because of what I went through. I always had strong feelings about the challenges I faced as a child, and wished my mother stepped up more, did more. Maybe I wouldn’t have gone through so much at such a young age. I believed it was better to not have her in my life, than to have a riff between us that no one wanted to step up and fix. It’s ostracizing around Mother’s Day, not being able to share that special day with the very woman who brought me into this world. I just leaned on the fact that I was a mother, so I’m able to enjoy Mother’s day is that aspect.

“Seriously? Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m really excited. I always get the red carpet celebrity lifestyle of the rich and famous treatment on mother’s day, and secretly I’ll admit I’m not that deserving of it all. I’m a great mother and everything, but I get a little spoiled around this time. Funny thing when I was a kid, I never went that hard for my own mother. So, it’s surprising how serious my children take it. I must be doing something right.”

Am I Really The Only Grown Black Woman with Mommy Issues, Gaptoothdiva at the shooting range with her mom

My mommy issues are based on fear. I’m scared to get hurt. I’m scared to just let go and love my mother with no hesitation or regret. I often posted my mother on this pedestal that I constantly asked her to live up to. When she stepped down, showed me who she was (imperfect), or disappointed me, I went into survival mode and retreated. She may have been wrong, but after a while I stopped giving her a chance to fix it and make it right. After a while, I stopped putting myself in a position to get hurt. This affected my other relationships as well. I was convinced that if your mother could hurt you, so could everyone else. I lacked even a small iota of trust for anyone because of my stressed relationship with my mother. I couldn’t fathom myself committing to any serious friendship, when I don’t have that with my own blood. Despite, my encouragement to others, telling everyone to make your own family or to create your own family. The truth is you can never replace your flesh and blood. It took me taking that time away to realize how much of myself was missing. I didn’t have my sisters, my father, my nieces, or anyone because of a feud between my mother and me.

When I asked for advice from other black women, I was getting mixed reviews. Some said to reach out and just deal with her, as she is but with a long handle spoon. Others suggested that I let go, move on with my life without ever speaking to my mother again. A combination of pride and fear often took over, forcing me to fall into myself, afraid to look foolish. Being a mother and showing compassion to my children, is easy to me. They came from me and I want them to be happy children who grow into incredibly satisfied adults. However, being the child and asking for that love is challenging. As the years, go by and you start to get older, you start to feel stupid for still feeling like “I want my mommy!” That feeling of being foolish eventually turns to a productive anger that screams, “Fine, you won’t love me like I need you to, I’ll be ok without you.” As productive as I was, I still missed my mother. That feeling was too strong to hide.

Watching my friends and clients share moments with their mothers, it pained me. I’m happy to see that there are positive mother-daughter connections, but inside I felt the stings of envy. I yearned for the same fun, loving, and compassionate bond with my mother, too. We never seemed able to get on the same page to be that close, consistently, for a long period of time. We never made it long enough to just take each other for who we were, not forcing the other to change but comfortable to just be imperfect in front of each other. Looking back, I see how much time was wasted and I don’t want to continue to make the same mistake anymore.

Lately, we’ve been laughing and joking together so much that we’re in stitches all the time. Time is going by so fast, and we’ve realized that we’ve been talking for hours. We’ve been friends, and I’m happy. In the past, I would spend all this time afraid. Thinking about what you could or would say or do that would bring this gingerbread house of love and nurturing crashing down. I started to expect her to mess it up, believing that she wanted to sabotage a relationship with me and toss me on an emotional roller coaster of insecurity and rejection, just because she could… she was my mother. However, now I’m just learning to understand that she is who she is, and perhaps the pressure to be perfect for me or to make up for her mistakes from when I was little was putting her in a challenging position. Maybe, if I lightened up and gave her some room to be my mother in her own way, it would make it easier for her to come through like I need her to every time and not what I want her to some of the time.

Yes, I’m a grown woman who has had some mommy issues. My mother and I don’t have a perfect mother and daughter relationship. We are starting again after being estranged for almost two years. It was a conversation I was having with a young girl about her relationship with her mother. I was encouraging her to try to be honest with your feelings, no matter how vulnerable you are. She asked me if that advice worked in my own personal situation after writing my book. I told her, I hadn’t tried it yet. I needed to test it out for myself and see if I could let go of the fear of being rejected by my own mother. I feel better about motivating these young ladies about this, because I now know what it feels like to work towards making this relationship better, before I try to bury something definitely worth repairing. I can’t keep living in fear of my mother disappointing me, making me angry, or hurting my feelings, when I’m confident in who I am. I also can’t keep throwing away valuable relationships, just because it doesn’t fit my description of an ideal situation. I learned to accept her for who she is and to not put her on a pedestal to make the same decisions I saw other mothers make. She is who she is, and I can’t love someone unless I can accept them for who they are. There is no making up for the mistakes from yesterday, we can only do what we can now. If we try now that’s all that matters. Living in the moment is where we are.


Now that we are working on our relationship and starting anew, I’m taking advantage of opportunities to just enjoy the moment. What once was an issue, is now a budding friendship between a mother and daughter that has been through quite a few challenges, on a quest to turn it all around. This will be the first year that I can legitimately celebrate Mother’s Day, by doing something special for my mother. Repairing our relationship, I showed my own children that no matter what, you can always come home. I didn’t realize at the time, but I see how important it is to make that effort and how going through this experience has really changed me. This mother’s day I will celebrate my mother by sharing in the possibilities of where we go from here. How we can start an honest dialogue about our hopes for our new beginning. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not going to live in fear anymore. I’m absolutely ready for the ride.


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TMG Fitness Advice with Richmond, Virginia Personal Trainer Jamaal Guy

I’m so excited to get started on my weight loss/active journey. I have been trying to hold off on this for a while (start, quit, start, eat, quit, etc… you know how it is), using some of the lamest excuses. However, I know it’s something I really want, so I’m not going to front on this anymore. I deserve to be healthy and happy, but most importantly so does my family, friends and my business. I am no good to anyone, if I’m not at my best… and healthiest. In my quest to get my life, body, and mind right, I enlisted the help and advice of TMG Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer Jamaal Guy.

Check out the video interview, as Jamaal discusses tips and advice on how to be a better and healthier you. Also listen as he discusses how he was inspired to get into this field the direction he likes to take his clients, to improve them inside and out. This God-fearing family man, is extremely passionate about his business and ability to whip average men and women into shape with fitness expertise and compassion.

In the video below, we also do a brief demonstration on a quick fitness routine, something we all can do while we are watching some of our favorite shows. There are no excuses with Jamaal Guy, and I can see why his clients and his family are all excited and happy… he is definitely a huge positive motivator in his community.

Jamaal Guy dishes tips like:

  1. Take your children with you to the park, they will definitely keep you active.
  2. Use the mentality of “payday” to inspire you to stick to your journey and get results
  3. Always check with your physician for advice. Do your research for yourself as well
  4. You have to find your niche and what you really want out of your workout
  5. Be passionate about starting, but keep the passion as you continue
  6. Failing isn’t an option
  7. Always have a goal in mind to push you towards completing your task/challenge
  8. Be prepared for what you want, don’t wait until you get it
  9. Sometimes it’s good to be your own worst critic
  10. Use your time wisely, make time for what you really want

Watch Video Below for Full Interview with TMG Fitness Expert Jamaal Guy:

In this video I get the opportunity to sit down and chat with Jamaal Guy, personal trainer and fitness expert in Richmond Virginia. I have been struggling with eating my feelings and not exercising as much as I should. I can blame a busy schedule, motherhood, business, or a lack of motivation, but the truth is… health hasn’t been a priority for me. I know… bad DIVA! SMH.

However, Jamaal comes to us with advice and tips on how we can change that around. If your goal is to lose weight, improve your health or become more active, it’s best to reach out to a professional who can guide you in the right direction. From dishing on his experiences as a personal trainer and his best methods to encouraging his clients, to showing me a quick demo of a low impact (high result) workout that I can do while I watch my favorite television programs, I feel better knowing there is an expert among us.

As I begin this journey on improving myself, I hope that you can join me and we can support each other.

If you have questions, concerns, or perhaps you want personal training, contact Jamaal Guy at TMG Fitness for more information. Follow his channel at  or contact him on Facebook at

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How Do You Plan To Stay Healthy & Active?

Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Fundraiser [Video]

This past weekend there was an incredibly awesome fashion show that went down at the Canal Club. It was the Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway Fashion and Fundraiser. This event is to raise money for the organization, as well as challenge designers to take donated items that aren’t particularly the most fashionable and upcycle them into runway and/or wearable styles that are updates and unique.

It was great seeing who the designers incorporated their distinctive take on each item to create something totally different and unexpected. From gowns and creative dresses with bold silhouettes to everyday wear with an edge, the designs were incomparable to anything I’ve seen lately, and only ignites more creative inspiration in someone like myself.

I really enjoyed the show and was very pleased with how well the event was put together. The many volunteers and staff with DFS Central Virginia should be patting themselves on the back. Bravo!! The models were beautiful and definitely wearing every item as if it truly were their own (although some ladies were walking a little too fast for runway). It was even cute to have some little girls from the crowd join the runway to show off their little skills, which was extremely adorable. The crowd obviously came out to support their friends and family, as you can hear cheers and hollering at a ten for some of the lovely models.

Overall, it was an exciting experience and I can’t wait to see what else Dress for Success Central Virginia has up their sleeve. We donated a Flawesome gift pack (ft. a Flawesome Book, T-shirt, and a set of lipstick) to any beautiful winner in attendance. Since the goal of Dress for Success is to help women prepare for a life of self-sufficiency and economic independence, it was my hope that by reading the book they will also learn to love themselves and overcome all of life’s obstacles one day at a time.

Watch the Full Video Recap of the Fashion Show and Fundraiser Event Below: 

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I attended the Dress for Success Central Virginia Red Carpet Runway 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Fundraiser, which featured fashions and upcycled designs from local stylist and designers in the Richmond, Virginia area. Dress for Success receives generous donations from the public and often, those items may not be suitable for work/corporate environments. Nevertheless, every year DFS host their recycled fashion show to raise money for their organization, challenge local designers to see beyond the original garment, and to bring something fun and unique to the community.

Stylist and Designers were asked to remake outfits out of old clothes and repurpose designs for an original flair, while being judged by local celebrities, fashion experts, and leaders in the community.

To learn more about how you can help women move towards self-sufficiency and economic independence visit

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Dress for Success Racap red carpet runway 3rd annual fashion show and fundraiser

What Do You Think About The DFS Fashion & Fundraiser?

How to Overcome Obstacles and Move Forward

In the video I talk about overcoming your obstacles, living through your past, getting rid of everything that is bothering and dealing with life challenges.

I'esha gaptoothDiva delivers Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward

Steps to How to Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward | GaptoothDiva Advice

Own you part in the challenges you face and determine how you can avoid them in the future. Find out what part you played in your situation.

What Lessons Can I learn from this? Ask yourself what are the lessons that you get from the challenges and hardships.

Can I seek help or should I go through this by myself – You can reach out to unbiased friends or a counselor, if you need someone to talk to.

Obstacles are challenging but never isolate yourself from other people in order to deal with you problems.

Avoid depression, by not putting yourself on ice. Talk with trust-worthy people who uplift your spirit. Continue to pray.

Spend time with a loving family

If social media is making you sad, jealous, or upset and try spending some time offline.

Have faith in yourself and your ability to overcome.

Prayer and meditation can give you that free peace of mind you need.

Write down goals and solution to your problems, take some time to research opportunities to look for ways to deal. Use the resources available to you.

Build a Village of supportive people


Get The Book:

Flawesome …Because God Don’t Make No Junk! Available on –


What Are Some Ways You Get Over Obstacles?

Iconic Cosmetics Interview and Spring Everyday Makeup Tutorial | GaptoothDiva Beauty

So if you know me, you know that I love pretty lip colors and cosmetics. Every woman into makeup, cosmetics, and beauty wishes at one time or another that she could be a professional makeup artist at least for herself (if she isn’t already). So without hesitation, I made it my business to check out some makeup and cosmetics by a local creator and artist in Richmond, Virginia.

Interview with Iconic Cosmetic creator Ivy and Spring Everyday Makeup with Iconic Beachy Keen

Iconic Ivy is who I discovered, a young lady who attended the Richmond Technical Center for cosmetology. She has worked with Richmond Virginia (RVA) fashion week and many other fashion and beauty events all over. She prides herself on offering quality and affordable cosmetics for women with unique and individual style. Her line Iconic (pronounced īˈkänik) is a product line comprised of luxury, bold colors, and hues from the hottest in makeup trends.

Iconic is worn by some of world’s favorite local artist and the most sought after makeup artist, according to this creator and shows no signs of slowing down.

When I asked Ivy what she envisioned for her business when she first started out she stated,

“When I created Iconic Cosmetics I envisioned my customers to be women of all ages, demographics, race, and professions. Now that my business is established I discovered that my mindset was too small. I never thought of being International. I ship to Ireland, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Greece, Paris, etc…”

Interview with Iconic Cosmetic creator Ivy and Spring Everyday Makeup with Iconic Beachy Keen

That’s incredible and very motivating. The idea that she said her initial plan was “thinking too small”, that should definitely encourage many of you other there to think bigger when it comes to your dreams. You never know, the sky is the limit and Ivy surely proved that with her own ambitions.

Running a business is great, but not without the few obstacles and challenges that can make an average person quit. I asked Ivy about the challenges she faced while operating her business. She admits initially she faced the obstacle of trying to figure out how to market the line so it would grab the attention of hopeful customers. The obstacle she faces now in her growing business, is that the demand for the product is high. Her concerns is help packing & shipping orders. She says that it used to be something that she could do alone but she has to seek help from girlfriends & by the time they’re finished they are exhausted.

High demand product? Too many order to ship? Sounds like a great problem for a small business owner. One that I bet she could solve in no time, with the laundry list of wearers she serves with her beautifully colored cosmetic line, there might be a job opening for someone out there.

Interview with Iconic Cosmetic creator Ivy and Spring Everyday Makeup with Iconic Beachy Keen

Ivy seems to already have solved her problem, by partnering up with a business to stock and ship her products. She states that they are negotiating a contract as we speak.

The overall message that this Iconic cosmetic creator wants people to walk away with, is that you are getting a quality CRUELTY-FREE product that is affordable. Not only does she sell lipstick; iconic cosmetics also has lip paints, lashes, lip gloss, eye shadows, eye and lip primer, eyebrow kits, lip liners, and much more.

Watch this Everyday Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial Video ft. Lipstick by Iconic Cosmetics:

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In this video, GRWM (Get Ready with Me) I show you a really simple everyday makeup look using a purple eye and Iconic Cosmetic’s new lip color “Beachy Keen”. Most of the products in this video were purchased at Dollar Tree, my local beauty Supply store (RUBY RED), or Walgreens. I love this easy look. In this tutorial, you’ll see a makeup look that is both feminine, simple, and appropriate for day and/or night.

Products Used:

Foundation – Cover Girl Queen Collection All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation Q835

Elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark

Eyelashes – I*Envy by KISS

Elf Poreless Face Primer

L.A. Colors Cover Up! Pro concealer

Elf Under eye Concealer & Highlighter

L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara

Nicka K New York Black Eyeliner in AA01

Avon Glazewear SPF 15 Lip moisturizer

Iconic Cosmetics Lipstick in “Beachy Keen” –

FTC: Makeup Purchased by me with my own money. No items were gifted or sent free. This is 100% my own opinion and experience


Now she isn’t the only person selling lipstick within a 50 miles radius of my home. We all know that there are some makeup artist, style experts, online retailers, and other awesome people all trying to get their message across utilizing beauty’s classic favorites makeup, fashion, and hair. So what set’s this beautiful woman apart from the crowd? What advice can she give to all those up and coming beauty professionals?

She declares…


Great advice! I can definitely agree with that. Never allow the fact that your great idea is something that someone else thought of as well, stop you from putting it out there.

So I ask the professional herself, what are some of your favorites out of your own line? She answers, “My top 3 favorite shades are Freckle which is an everyday color, Twilight is a purple that looks great on any complexion (also a dupe for MAC Heroine), and Beachy Keen is the perfect peachy color for spring/summer”

That’s great to hear, as I am now a proud owner of my own shade of Beachy Keen and I love it!

When I inquired about beauty and style trends for the upcoming season, she stated that for this upcoming spring/summer, lookout for shades of blue in the spring and pastels pinks in the summer. I’m excited, because I definitely can’t wait to put a few interesting twist to those hues for my own looks.

Look forward to more from Iconic Cosmetics, according to this beauty maven the brand is looking to present new packaging soon. Iconic Cosmetics was also invited to Imats NYC 2015 ( which is one of the biggest makeup event in the United States.

She also has plans to have her products in local stores and salons. Some of the salons will have custom colors that are only available at that location. Iconic Cosmetics will be vending at multiple events as well. So be sure to connect with them, so that you can get first knowledge of the new custom colors & products.

Website –


InstagramIconic Cosmetics

Interview with Iconic Cosmetic creator Ivy and Spring Everyday Makeup with Iconic Beachy Keen

Do You Love The Color Beachy Keen? What Iconic Cosmetic Products Will You Try?

GaptoothDiva Radio Interview with Kent Osbourne: Letting God Use You

Last night we had a guest on the show by the name of Kent Osbourne, he’s a gospel hip hop artist that transformed his life from hustling street thug turned felon into a life dedicated to sharing motivation through music. His audience, people like him who are tired of being the problem and want so desperately to be the solution to young people watching our every move.

During our interview, we got to talk with him about his transformation back into the world, knowing his purpose and his destiny is so very different than what most hip hop artist are promoting nowadays.

Kent Osbourne is an example that God can use anyone to inspire, even those that have a checkered past or made mistakes. Perfection isn’t an excuse for not inspiring others, because technically perfection isn’t obtainable.

I enjoyed talking to him and I also encourage you all to check him out, his social media links are below:




Official Website

“Phylicia” Video

“I’m Betta ” Video

“No matter what you have done in your life or what you’ve been through, God can use you. God can use anybody!” Kent Osbourne

His effort to make a difference is not only a sign of him working towards redemption, but also a man who knows that although his former life may have been easy, it definitely pays to motivate people in a positive way with long lasting and impactful results in the end.

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7 Undeniable Ways to Show Your Kids How to Have the Best Life Now

Now that spring is peaking her little pretty head around the corner, we’re on the spring cleaning, let’s get right for the new weather/season phase. In our home, we’re always running around purging closets, filling up new seasonal stock items in our cabinets, redecorating, and preparing for dinner parties, cookouts, and lots of events/festivals. With all that’s going on I wanted to make sure that I instilled some serious lessons into my boys, which I learned over the years about valuing life and where we are currently. I’ve been really into growing things, gardening, and DIY, so it’s about time I put what I learned into practice.
I find that life offers a fresh start everywhere we turn. Most recently, many people used the New Year as their fresh starting point to jump into 2015. I like to look at spring time as yet another opportunity to refresh, if your life needs it. However, this time why not include the kids on this journey? I’ve been blessed enough to connect with some new and amazing people, I’m learning new things like gardening, art, nutrition, and exercise… and it would be great if I could teach my children about it and get them as excited about it all as well. I could definitely use the support from my outspoken bunch, so if we all came together with the same mission in mind, I believe it would easier for everyone.
Lately, I’ve been talking to the children about taking care of our home, doing the things that we enjoy, and challenging ourselves to come up with some cost effective ways to add new experiences and projects to our calendar. I wanted us to all add some things that our whole family could enjoy. I know so many parents who work so hard on their fulltime jobs, their own small businesses, and in their community, that the time it takes to sit down and come with ideas of new things to do or family projects is almost impossible. Nevertheless, it’s important that we take the time to really do the things that we want to do, rather than settling for what we may or may not have time for.
I came up with a list of ways to show our children how to enjoy their lives right now, no matter what their current situation is. This was an effort to explain to them, that no matter what challenges we may face down the road (or if life seems amazing and nothing could go wrong at the moment), we still need to take advantage of opportunities to live, laugh, and love regardless. I wouldn’t want them to grow up believing that their happiness and quality of life is dependent on how much money we have, if we come across a bump in the road, or our ability to overcome setbacks or reach our goals. I want them to understand that now is the time to celebrate life as a gift.

Here are 7 ways to show your kids how to have the best life now:

1. Take care of home – whether you live in an apartment in the projects or a two story home in the most beautiful suburban neighborhood, teach your children to value the place where they rest their head. Keep it clean, maintained, loiter and negativity free.

– Try do this on the inside AND outside of your home to have something you can be proud to come to everyday. It’s easy, inexpensive, and the kids would enjoy helping you. The reward at the end could be ice cream and cake or dinner out on the town.

2. Like Date night, everyone should write down three things they would love to do in the next three months. Then place everyone’s idea in a jar. Get out the calendar and start posting everyone’s idea randomly as you pull them out the jar on the calendar. This is about goal setting and sticking to a schedule, a lesson that everyone in the family could learn. If you lock in a date for the calendar, everyone has to make an effort to meet that day to do that activity.

Here is an example of what was in our jar & what we’re adding to our calendar

– Mom – Museum, Beach, Picnic, & Gardening
– Dad – Fishing, Bowling, Amusement Park, Paint Ball
– Son #1 – Go Cart Racing, Fireworks, Bike Riding/Hiking the Trail, Atlanta Road Trip
– Son #2 – Beach, Cookout, Children Museum & Zoo


3. Having some sort of spiritual foundation has been extremely important to my family and I. Once we were baptized and connected to a church, it seem like our challenges subsided and we knew that we had an automatic extension to our family. Encourage your family and your children to get more involved in the church or in the community. Sign the kids up for classes, groups, field trips, or local organizations that can motivate him/her to be a positive individual. Encourage them to look for opportunities to be leaders among their peers and always make time (even if it’s 20 minutes) to listen to them about their day, their concerns, or just hear about the highs and lows of their experiences.

4. A family that prays together stays together. I’m also learning that a family that works out together stays healthy together as well. When we wake up early to workout, we’re including the kids every now and then also. It turns out that my children are more active when they see that their parents are as well. If gives them that competitive spirit to move more become faster than us, but I hear a lot less whining and complaining throughout the day. They aren’t bickering and teasing each other out of boredom. When they get really quiet, I know that all that physical activity wore them out, so nap time is so much easier. It turns out that exercise is making everyone in the family much happier with better attitudes. I encourage all parents to get outdoors with their kids and allow that positive energy to surge through your bodies, raise those endorphins while you watch your family have a spectacular workout and lots of fun.

5. Projects aren’t just for school. During spring break and the summer break, we decided to all come up with a selfless project that we have to work on in our free time. We will present them to each other at a certain deadline and explain how it all came together. Something similar to what my husband and I did when renewing our vows, but this includes the whole gang and it’s about helping others. I’m really excited to see the kid’s project, because they are collaborating on it together. I like to see everyone commit to something and work persistently to see it complete. Of course there is a prize, but the actual effort put into each person’s project will be priceless.

6. Cultivating positive relationships with family is very important. No matter what you’ve been through, if have the ability to create a family now, if you refuse to limit yourself to what family truly means. Spending quality time with our loved ones, sharing special moments and stories form our family’s history, and gaining new experiences with one another is precious. Some people don’t have that kind of access, so to explain to your children how blessed they are to have family is a lesson that you shouldn’t put off. Go visit that aunt, grandmother or cousin that has been heavy on your heart. Show your children where you grew up, played, and got your first kiss, so that they can see the experiences and people that made you who you are today. Take a day where you go a tour around your old high school, church, your first apartment, or even where you and their father/mother met to connect the dots for them about your lives before they were born. Those kinds of history lessons are so valuable to truly understanding where you came from.

7. Show your children how to show gratitude. I encourage my children to show gratitude for all things big and small. They shouldn’t start eating until they say Grace. They should never walk away from someone who complimented them or did something nice without saying “thank you”. I show them that everyone doesn’t have it as good as they do, so be grateful for it all. Some of us know what it’s like to have life just snatch some things right from under you, but by instilling gratitude in my boys, it is my hope that they understand that they are blessed. Enjoy the life you have now, not when you get to where you want to be or when things start to look better. My sons say “Thank you Lord” now, sometimes I don’t even know why. I’m just happy to hear them give God the glory. Show your kids that having goals and ambitions are awesome, keep it up and continue. However, if you don’t do anything about the blessings you have today, I doubt it if you should expect any more tomorrow.
Let’s show our children how to celebrate and have an awesome life now, without someone saying that they’re qualified to do so. They will learn to appreciate and value their lives for many years to come.

Any ideas you would like to add to this list? Tell me how you plan to show the young people in your life how to live their best life now.