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Momma… You Should Be Ashamed!!!

These Pics were emailed to me from one of those hot ghetto mess websites…

I am so saddened by this. These are two pretty little girls who seem as if they could have the world, but someone convinced them that this was entertaining and cute. It’s one thing to do this as an adult, but to teach a little girl this behavior is just plain wrong.

Pray for ’em and let’s try to keep ’em off the pole.

GaptoothDiva Winter Fashion Picks

I don’t Care…I’m feeling the pads!!


pic ripped from

Some say if you’re not GaGa or Ri Ri (That’s Lady Gaga or Rihanna!) then you can’t rock shoulder pads. I believe anyone can rock shoulder pads, it’s just HOW you do it on YOUR body type. Always checks your lines women. 

Designer Haircuts For Men    

ripped from photobucket


So I’m really feeling the designer haircuts for boys/men, that Kanye and may others are doing. I see little boys doing it most of the time, but any man bold enough to rock it, has my vote, too. Go boys!

If You Don’t Have a Leather Jacket, Get One!
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If you don’t have a leather jacket, you are missing out on a fashion essential. This is the first thing you grab when you can’t figure out which jacket goes with what outfit. I’m in love with my leather jacket. For the men, it looks great on the weekends with jeans and a t-shirt, however it even makes a shirt and tie look really hot. Please, even if you have to buy faux leather (which I also have, for the PETA people out there), it can be found in very inexpensive places.
Get Your Winter Booties Stepping
I’m in love with the winter collection of shoes that have been out. This shoes are comfortable and if you love to walk all day in your heels, then these are the ones for you.
Hats Off To You
Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Gentlemen, If you love the different styles of fitted caps, I’m there with you. However, you must buy a hat that fits your head. Those hats that are way too big and just floating on your head look tacky and eventually get messed up very quickly.
If You Love to Bat Those Eyes
My personal favorites are eyelashes, I use the individuals or the strip lashes, and I find them to be the most fantastic idea since hair weave. Whatever, if you don’t like them. To each their own, but if you get tired of putting on eye makeup, these are a quick fix. You look fab with just the lashes and a little lip gloss, I promise.
Well, unless you look like a dog, lol 🙂
Art for the Ears
I’m so into earings, it’s not even funny. There are so many low-cost ideas for earings and some very fashionable tricks to making them or creating them. I think your earings are just as important as your makeup, without them you look plain jane, but even the simplest pair can make you look chic.

Hot Hair Design

Boonye´ Villa’s latest haircut design proves you never get too old to be creative. I’m loving this style and the fact that he brought in the New Year doing something slightly out of the box, considering his full time occupation. Many men his age have no desire to style their hair in this fashion for fear of looking stupid, appearing gay, or because other men are not doing it.

Boonye´ Villa gets an A+ from the GaptoothDiva, I’m feelin’ it.


Only an unjust world would keep two hearts from uniting

And it’s too strong of a feeling to deny and not keep fighting

I’m reminded of your love more times than I can calculate

So until our times comes, I will just patiently wait

Your touch is what I feel when his arms close in on my soul

Tortured by my circumstance, I some how lose control

I want to confess what my heart speaks to me consistently

Every time you proclaim your desire for another that isn’t me

It’s not fair that my desires would be painstaking greed

To want you and to keep him, when in reality you both could leave

I’m torn

Into the darkness of secrets and lies

A loneliness that can only be described, as an affair of the heart

Loving two

I’m torn

–         Topsie KretsDiva© 2010

Fashion Redesign

The GaptoothDiva has added yet another venture on the resume´…

Fashion Redesign!!

If you have old clothes that you don’t want to part with, maybe something could be altered to it that would bring new life into the drap piece, you probably need to contact me. I take old clothes, jelewry, shoes, and even handbags and redesign them to make the new again. You’ll love that old frock after I put my hands on it.

Prom season coming soon, so get your prom dress detailed to fit your style.

Contact me at


Ghetto Birthday Party Checklist

Email sent to me from several co-workers….

These are too funny, but so true!!

1. Some of the guest didn’t bring a gift, but brought extra uninvited kids.

2. The cake says “Happy Birthday Pookie” instead of the child’s name.

3. The party is at Chuck E. Cheese, but they brought their own food, cake, etc.

4. It’s a child’s party but there are more grown-ups than children.

5. It’s De’Vonte’s 1st Birthday and the party food is BBQ and Daiquiris. 
6. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, they have a “Back That Thing Up” contest.

7. They don’t sing Happy Birthday instead everyone is chanting “Go Man Man It’s Your Birthday”.

8. There are twenty kids at the party but no parents (They got dropped off).  !

9. The party was over at 5:00, it’s 8:00 and somebody’s kid is still there.

10. Instead of Loot bags, the party favors are in Zip-Lock baggies.

11. The birthday cake is Red Velvet.

12. The invitations said Pizza Party, you get there and frozen Tony’s Pizza is being served.

13. The host calls someone who’s on their way and tells them to stop and get some ice.

14. The guest start arriving and the host disappears to get ready.

15. You buy some food stamps from your cousin to buy the party food.

16. You hear someone tell the birthday child ” I am going to get you something next week when I get paid”.

17. The party wasn’t planned, the birthday child just went outside and said “Mama said I’m getting ready to have a Birthday Party, Come on”.

18. The party is Saturday, you got a call on Friday night saying “I am giving Ke-Shawn a birthday party tomorrow at 3:00”.

19. All the kids at the party have on new clothes that they got just for the party.

20. None of the gifts are wrapped, because the guest stopped by the store on the way to the party.

21. The gift is still in the store bag.

22. They don’t serve punch, you get Kool-Aid and those store brand cheese puffs.

23. The Baby daddy, the mama’s boyfriend, and the mama’s ex-boyfriend (the one the kid likes so much) are all there, and the child is calling them all DADDY.

24. There’s more family than friends at the party.

25. The birthday child is late to his/her own party, because last night they  Spent the night over with their cousin ‘nem.

26. You have the party over your sister’s because she just bought a new house.

27. The cake didn’t come from the store, it came from the Lady who makes good cakes.

28. You have to hold on to the plate that you ate your food on to eat your cake.

29. Someone calls and says “save me some cake.”

30. Guest are wrapping up cake to take to mama ‘nem.

31. It’s a child’s party but there’s a Domino game in progress.

32. The baby daddy shows up with all his Boyz and you start to fear that there will be a Drive-By.

33. The party music is coming from the trunk of someone’s car.

34. The Soul Train Line and Electric Slide get started.

Bonus One: 

35. You and your baby daddy get into an argument because he was supposed to chip in for the party but did not cuz he said “You get child support don’t you!”


I refuse to be let down, stomped on and mistaken

Regretting every decision, standing here shaking

They can take away my weapon, but I’m still made of steel

I truly give the people, something they can feel

They say they don’t like you but they steadily keep smiling

Secretly they bite you, ‘cause they know you be stylin’

With they faces screwed up they try not to speak

Although they ugly on the outside, you know its skin deep

I love it when they mad, ‘cause it means that I’m good

They hate me because I’m doing all the things they should

When they try to antagonize, they just giving more fuel

My haters are my vehicles that I built with no tools

I’m not going to be subtle, that don’t run in my veins

I’ve been through too much shit, too many heartache and pains

God gave me another chance, so I’m gonna do it again

I’m here to make a difference, with or without friends

I got my stilettos, I’m pumped up and ready

I’m fixin to win, but not slow and steady

I’m gonna breeze past these folks, like a supped up new Chevy

Wit’ a championship title, ‘cause my class is so heavy

They’ll knock and try to rob you, but it’s you that has the power

When you looking your best, it’s the haters that sour

I love that puke face, I laugh and just walk

They mad cause I follow through, not just talk the talk

I’m not the background, I don’t ride the bench

They all say look at that chick, that diva-fied wench

I’m the one to know, I can make them believe

This is the I’esha show, more tricks up my sleeve

They came to see me, my names on marquees

You can’t spell celebrity without an I and an E

Damn, I can’t help it, I’m even jealous of myself

For far too long, I put my shit on the shelf

Well not no more, there is a brand new I’esha

The one and only GapToothDiva